Black Desert Online Kicks Off Tournaments And Special Mount Events

Win your way to the top or get yourself a shiny new pony and gear.

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Black Desert Online Tourney And Mounts

Been considering participating in Black Desert Online’s Arena of Arsha Best-In-Trials Championship? Well, you’re gonna have to get through the preliminaries first. That means you’re gonna have to know how to participate in those preliminaries. That means you’ll have to check out the game’s website because all the information you’ll need in order to do that are now posted.

The preliminaries will take place September 4 and are in a 1v1 format and are broken up by server. To figure out the time for your server, you’ll want to click on your server name in the championship post on the site. You’ll want to read through the whole post if you’re planning on participating, as there are plenty of rules and restrictions you’ll need to be aware of.

If tournaments aren’t your thing – but maybe horses are, other events more to your taste are currently underway in-game. The Time to Foal Around event is an opportunity to level your mounts and their training. During the event, which runs through September 15, you’ll receive a few perks. These include training and mount XP boosts, and the chance to obtain a higher-tier horse when breeding or exchanging horses during the event.

The second event, Mythical Awakening, offers players the chance to obtain an item needed to awaken the Mythical Arduanatt mount. That’s the big beastie above. Finally, the third event, Imperial Horsing Around, rewards players with Imperial Training Delivery Invoices for turning in horses level 15 or above. These can be turned in for the Granverre Horse Gear set.

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rukia_yphanh2002 2 years ago
The reason I said that is because I don't think NA/EU server currently have "Arena of Arsha Best-In-Trials Championship" going on ?

^ this link will give all current/active events going on NA/EU server.

rukia_yphanh2002 2 years ago
Is it me or all the link in article link to SEA version of BDO?

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