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Pearl Abyss and Daum Games are getting set to start the open beta phase for Black Desert Online in the East about 11 days from now. In the midst of all the excitement, Western players got a bit of good news as well.

While we’ve known for a few months now that we would eventually see a Western release for the free-to-play MMORPG (starting with a beta in early 2015), we didn’t know how far after that an actual release would come. We figured Daum Games would need some time to set up Western offices since they opted to publish the game themselves in both the Eastern and Western markets.

While we’ll still have to wait for a definitive date, you can at least mark the Western release on your calendars for 2015 as well. Sean Hong (CEO of Daum Games) and Brian Oh from Pearl Abyss both confirmed that their goal is to have the full launch sometime in 2015.

This is great news for anyone following Black Desert online…but now the wait begins. Is Black Desert a game that you’ve been waiting for? Tell us why or why not below!

UPDATE 12/9/2014: Pearl Abyss clarified that actual release is still slated for 2016. It would seem that using the phrase “next year” while still in 2014 can cause some confusion!

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  1. For everyone complaining about gender locking, you do realize there will be male and female equivalents of each class, right? They will mechanically be different, but will essentially play the same.
    We have the ranger for the archer, the valkyrie for the warrior, and the wizard for the sorceress.

    There is a gender lock but it doesn’t keep you from playing what you want, just the way you play it, and I find that infinitely more unique.

  2. Mehhh .. is jus gonna be some action-combat game with nothing to do except hack & slash.Yeh i knw there’s this instance housing and stuff but still look like a game that’ll jus be fun for couple of weeks

    • Or a male sorcerer
      Or a female warrior
      Or a male archer..
      I mean we’re in 2014, almost 2015. With all that’s in BDO, it’s definitely surprising its generlocked, and has more to do with than just RP.

  3. First of all I like how MMOBOMB is opposite land so the top comments are the ones with the most negative votes on them.

    Anyway BLack Desert Online has some very cool concepts, but also some pretty shitty ones.

    I honestly wish MMOs would come out with less focus on levelling. It should be about the journey, not the destination. I know in Ragnarok Online a lot of us just levelled at a leisurely pace and had fun doing it. Adventuring, exploring and just goofing around was the main event, levelling was just a byproduct. I really miss that. Most MMOs now treat levelling like some obstacle course you have to speed through to get to the shiny things at the end. Everyone is always in such a damn hurry. People need to stop trying to be the best and just enjoy the game instead.

    aaaanyway bit off topic. But yeah. Seems like that’s what BDO will turn out to be like.
    Also the lack of PVP focus is a big one I hope they iron out for launch. PvP is an integral part of keeping an MMO alive. It is very easy content, I don’t see why devs don’t take advantage of it more often. Everything BDO has in place screams Open World PVP. To not have it will be the death of the game honestly.

    • I recommend Tree of Savior if you want that old RO experience but in a new and very interesting way.

      As for PvP, I totally agree, BDO gates it till 50, just doesn’t make sense. Definitely gonna casually play it though, I don’t see it having much of a long term future.

  4. i noticed on videos that the mobs dont have any patterns at all, just like tab target mobs

    i was expecting more like vindictus…& since pvp unlocks after 50, aint nobody got time for that

  5. Developed by a dev that sold off its original game (C9), and being westernized by a company that’s just now moving to the west. I’m a little skeptical.

    Just looks like a limited land, action, less pvp version of AA. Not to mention the grind, the grind is real.

    It’s another Flavor Of the Month game, to be run by large town grabbing guilds, and to be enjoyed by the more casual players but to be left by the players that don’t have a large guild, but are competitve.

    Really dislike that you can’t even PvP till 50, and even then it’s arena’s and GvG (Castle Sieges), half of which most players won’t be engrossed in. But I heard there is still open world PvP to keep things interesting.

    I guess I’ll wait and see, but am very skeptical, as it just looks like C9 with upgraded graphics, open world based, and just a few more systems for longevity (trade runs/housing/etc).

  6. Aaaaaa this it’s a cheap copy after vindictus, just improve the make-up section and voila but , all classez are straight from vindictus …. lul cheap

    • Vindictus is just an incredibly boring pretty button masher. There’s limited as hell skills that aren’t interesting and that’s basically it. There’s no depth to Vindictus at all. Plus it’s just a crappy lobby game.

      • Isn’t that what this is too? Besides the lobby system, it has farming(oh joy), housing (limited to the people with the deepest pockets), trade runs (waste of time).

        But it’s still a button masher, skills are left/right click with buttons, and it’s just a huge grind till you can do more trade runs(yay?), and then pvp at 50.

        Sounds like fun.

        • if i may talk ? the skills in black desert online is like continenth of the ninth you either press the shortcut key to use it or you do a button combination example: back+space+left mouse =uppercut

          • Makes sense since they also made C9, just a forever grind with limited skills, till you can pvp at 50 (just like ArcheAge, except atleast you got to enjoy it around 30)

    • Lul judges game without even looking into it, lul.

      FYI, Vindictus was produced by the Koreans, so there are bound to be similarities, but even then these games are very

  7. It is “THE” game people are waiting for, tested the Alpha and Beta and would say that it is worth it, for those people who are tired of waiting for Blade and Soul Western release, this is way much better than BnS trust me, so far its still not the perfect game im looking for but still worth the time to play and will be playing the English release at 2015, oh and if your asking what the perfect game is for me, its gonna be “Tree of Savior” nuff said LOL! see you guys in game!


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