In an interview with MMOSite at this year’s Chinajoy, developer Pearl Abysss confirmed Black Desert would conduct its first closed beta test for North American and European regions in early 2015. The news comes shortly after Pearl Abyss revealed Black Desert’s current Korean publisher, Daum Communications, would also handle publishing duties in the West.

While Daum is currently looking to hire gaming veterans from the west to help facilitate that, the publisher is also working with Pearl Abyss to kick off the third Korean Closed Beta test in September, before transitioning into Open Beta in November. When comparing the two localisations, Pearl Abyss stated Black Desert’s gameplay wouldn’t be altered much, as the studio believes the MMO’s medieval European setting is an ideal match for Western culture. However, Pearl Abyss said they may make changes based on player suggestions and demands.

We recently listed our top reasons why we’re excited and also cautiously optimistic about Black Desert’s release here in the West. What excites you the most about Black Desert?

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  1. I see all of you are excited. But you filthy casuals shouldnt post unless you know what you are talking about and as of now know one knows since the game is in a very early stage. Dont post on here and go find a game to get you from casual level to hard core then come back and make an efficient experienced comment.

    • the “casuals” dont have the time to spend in a game like you “hardcore” without a life…. most casuals have family, jobs, study or other things in life that dont allow then to progress as fast as “hardcore”, wich dont have anything else to do rather than play a game.
      But does that mean casuals are forbiden to play a game? NO, so STFU and play your style and let others enjoy the game theyr way and theyr own pace, cause games are made for everyone, not only hardcore players.
      And when you get a FULL TIME REAL JOB, FAMILY TO CARE OF, CHILDREN and a real world life, then i want to see if you like others calling you “casual” as well.

  2. I really like the characters customization. They are really detailed, and I mean VERY! Who wouldnt love it? Characters customization is like one of the most important features in RPGs.
    Not sure about the gameplay though as I havent played it but I would like to and cant wait for it.
    I only hope and pray that it will not simply go down like Ragnarok, my fav. Korean made game.
    Meanwhile the haters who havent even played this game yet please keep on hating and tell us how much your pessimistic life sucks. kthxbai.

  3. Aside from the fact that WOW still looks like it could be run on an N64, has no dynamic weather system or enviormental effects, gameplay does not consist of spamming skills in proper order to win, requires no in combat skills or reflex, has extremely limited avatar customization making everyone look nearly the same, has dead locked spawn points and the enviorment and mobs never change, and was a clone of the Everquest franchise like nearly every MMO out there. I’m sure I didn’t mention some other major differences but it does not really matter, WOW is boring as hell.

    I’ve been playing MMORPGS since the beginning on Neverwinter Nights. That said saying they are all the same is essentially saying you don’t see the difference between a monkey and goorilla. Some are big, strong, fun, and interesting, and some are small, cliche, but everyone associates them with every other ape out there (or MMO if your having trouble keeping up with the metaphor).

    Personally, I’m excited to see what Black Desert is going to bring to the table in the future, and the last time that happened was with Tera. Sadley for Tera though, new content for the game was too class and race exclusive. It made alot of people angry, including myself (I don’t play female charicters and I’m not a furry, so your content does not apply to me).

    • worse.Korean mmo.and as most of us know, Korean mmo’s require KSSN(korean id) and Korean phone to verify your registration.if you don’t have both of those 2, forget about playing

  4. i see that this game has a lot of potential speaking of sandbox but it wont kill wow and i personaly dont like to grind all day to get 1lvl and can loose that all if someone ganks me just dont like that the time i invest can go to waste me personaly il stick to archeage

    • its easy to lvl-up in BD.if you know what you’re doing and play hardcore, you can reach 50 in 2-3 days.and combat of BD and graphics are waaay better than Archage.combat of Archage target on 2014?from the new mmo its the only one that has tab target system.even Chinese mmo have non-target action combat.rolmao

  5. this game looks really awesome…i feel sad for games like ESO and WOW when this is coming for free…maybe many games will die just maybe.
    cant w8 to explore this world

    • Hopefully ESO will go free to play after they see the servers are dying out because of games like black desert and other better looking f2p mmos. And just use player created content and microtransactions as a source of money.

      • i wouldn’t play ESO even if it was f2p.played cbt and it was boring as hell.i bet that official with bots, etc is even worse experience.aside BD and Blade & Soul, even Skyforge is way more interesting to play

      • ESO hasn’t seemed to die, like many suggest. I was just logged in over the last 5 days and there was hundreds of people just in the first starting towns. Also ESO has one server.

        Black Desert looks interesting, but I think because of the ArcheAge burn many are very critical of Korean MMOs now. I will hold my criticism in reserve until I see more and get to play it a bit.

    • 1. it was beta problems
      2. PA already said they are working to solve this issue, they will make that you wont be able to use potions in pvp since than who have more potions wins or they do some alternative to “not using potions”

      • They’d better scrap the potion system. it is so 90’s. I don’t play games which need potions for healing or using mana

    • Lmao, no it isn’t it’s more like Arche age in some ways but it’s nothing like WoW, WoW is not a “Sandbox MMO” Nor is it “Open World” and it also isn’t “Cursor” Based combat, this game is a lot different and it’s going to be a lot better then WoW in ways.

    • lmao, it is not a WoW clone. First of WoW isn’t a “Sandbox MMO” nor is it a “Aim and Shoot” Combat system. It is nothing like WoW and will be better then WoW in many ways.
      Don’t just say that it’s a WoW clone when it is not.


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