After three months of closed beta testing, Blacklight Retribution is ready to let the masses in! Players can look forward to starting fresh in open beta on February 27, 2012. Closed Beta will officially conclude on February 17 at 5pm PT.

Open beta will bring about some changes: three new kick ass maps, custom built Hero characters, the Data Node system, as well as jaw-dropping backgrounds and systems for players to take their game to the next level.


  1. i guess ou havnt played blacklight yet, it has already replaced ava . . ooh wait ava is for the crappy computer users. blacklight for us top dogs

    • Of course you must be right, PWE makes a nice FPS game, it definetly must be a replacement try for AVA! That certainly must be it! There is no way some company would just make a game to earn money and to keep their fans happy… Naah, can’t be it.. Must be a replacement…


    • Dude what ? PWE doesn’t make games. Never Give them credit for anything except being hosters.
      Zombie Studios made the game and they have seriously The best or right up there with the best DEVeloper teams.

      These guys play in game with us, Talk with us, Chill with us on our VOIP servers.
      They constantly answer questions on forums almost daily.

      They are a great great Team , the PWE is just a formality, they’re the middle man shaving off the dough.
      Of course the shavings is what Zombie get’s …. Although honestly I would have no idea how it’s split lmao.

    • same for me, since cb 1 and only been able to play maybe 3 games total out of all closed beta wont load a match dnd i have more than required equipment to play it.


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