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Apparently this week is fashion week in the free-to-play MMO world. Yesterday, Skyforge announced a swimsuit design contest and today, Blade & Soul announced its second annual costume design contest.

This year, NCSoft has adjusted the rules of the contest a bit — full terms and conditions can be found on the game’s site. The contest allows participants to make some choices regarding the race and gender options for their costumes. It must be one of the following:

  • One male and one female model of the same race (e.g. male Jin and female Jin)—the Yun can’t be used as a qualifying race for this option.
  • One gender-specific model shown for each race (e.g. a male Lyn, female Gon, female Jin, and Yun are shown).
  • All races and genders represented.

Judging will take into account designers that create costumes with similar concepts but take the time to create variations based on race and gender. Designers can also create head and face accessories — although these are not necessary.

Judges will choose one grand prize winner and ten finalists. The winner will have their costume made into an in-game costume with a personalized tooltip and signature. They’ll also be given their costume once it is finished. Additional prizes include:

  • $100 USD worth of Hongmoon Coin (8000 Hongmoon Coin)
  • Bamboo Costume and Bamboo Familiar set

Bamboo Costume 2 LG

The ten finalists will receive the Bamboo Costume and Bamboo Familiar set as well, and $50 worth of Hongmoon Coins (4000 coins).

If you’re interested in participating in this contest and seeing your design come to life in game, be sure to read everything on the announcement page thoroughly as NCSoft states that any submissions failing to meet the requirements won’t be accepted.

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