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A new expansion is coming to Blade & Soul. Titled Silverfrost Mountains, the expansion will introduce eight new dungeons — five Expert and three Heroic. As with most higher difficulty dungeons, these will yield greater rewards for those who attempt them. They will provide new weapon and accessory progression paths, Soul Shields, and more.

In the announcement, the Blade & Soul team elected to highlight the three Heroic dungeons; Awakened Necropolis, Lair of the Frozen Fang, and Avalance Den.


Awakened Necropolis tasks players with keeping demons from escaping the city they have been contained in. They’ll need to fight an army of demons before facing the Unholy Jiangshi Demon.


Lair of the Frozen Fang takes place in the northern parts of the Silverfrost Mountains, where a tribe of monsters kidnap humans and use them for blood sacrifices. Players will have to fight their way through several bosses before taking on the Bladescale Naga King and the Tetralisk Queen, preventing them from escaping their captivity.


The final Heroic dungeon, Avalance Den, will pit players against the Angler Yeti in an effort to prevent them from taking any more victims. The den features several obstacles, including giant snowballs that must be dodged. Players will use snowballs to fight the first boss, but must watch out for being frozen by the Angler Yeti.

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  1. Again, good to see them getting the NA/EU client up to date with things quickly. Still issues they need to work out, hoping they wont just brush them off once the clients on the latest version. While bots and gold sellers are still an issue, seems like no matter which game your on they’re there. People ignore that even with the current ‘King’ of MMO’s (Black Desert) Chat gets spammed by gold sellers, a buy to play game has gold sellers, no getting away from it guys.

  2. New updates are always welcome, but why focus on dungeon grinding? thats a big problem with mmorpgs, for me personally. Instead of adding 8 new repeatable dungeons they could have added new open world maps and expand the main storyline.

    Wrong priorities bring mmos down. Too much focus on raid/dungeon is why WoW is still bleeding subs. Other mmos need to move on from that, IMO.


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