It’s finally happening guys, Blade & Soul is finally headed to the west. NCsoft announced today their plans for expanding their action combat MMORPG Blade & Soul into western markets. The game has already proven to be an enormous hit in South Korea since its launch almost 3 months ago, ranking one of the top games in PC cafés across South Korea.

For those unfamiliar with Blade & Soul, the MMO combines Asian martial art styles made popular by such films as House of Flying Daggers and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, allowing players to embrace martial arts combat in a vibrant world.

No word yet on the release date specifics or even if the game will adopt a free to play (F2P) model here – it is currently P2P in Korea – but with NCsoft’s F2P success with Aion in the west it may be their first F2P release at launch.

If the game does end up going F2P you can expect more coverage from us here at MMOBomb!

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. have known of BnS since 09, have been patiently waiting for a release for f2p, love it’s trailer, even with limited characters, i would still go for this than to search aimless for another thrill of hunting other mmorpg

  2. Guys, think about it. They did the same crap with Tera and so many ppl said its going to be p2p .. And it ended up going f2p. all of the mmorpg games that gets to NA/EU eventually becomes free. If its orginated in Korea and brought here its most likely going to be free. But if you’re all wondering, a couple of ppl told me that this game should be released soon like this summer or the end of 2013 :b

    • Same crap as tera? you can’t compare a super rushed game from a noob company with this.
      Tera was released p2p with no end game content, bugs and unstable servers. Most quit by summer which is why they were forced to go f2p.

      I hope it’s either p2p or b2p. Probably a b2p but as long as it’s not f2p the game will be enjoyable. F2p games have no limitations to what they sell in cash shop or for what price.

  3. If this game is f2p… then im gonna spread the news to the community that will make us leave our former games and try this awesome one. ^^

  4. This game will change the MMORPG world just like Guild Wars 2 did,I’m telling you it’s gonna be an awesome game!!
    GOD Can’t wait for 2013!!!!

  5. Nice but still there is a lot of things to be translated from original lang to English Hence considerable time would be taken !

  6. FINALLY!!!!!…waited for this game like forever…played beta and love it, but had lots of bugs and stuff since it was beta so i drop it for the time being…looking forward to playing this again xD

  7. the game is not going to go free to play because when games are this awesome companies usually think that you gotta pay for what you get for but the good thing about pay to play is that there is no overwhelming cash shops that give pay to play players an edge at all and when aion went free2play in EU it had crazy restrictions like not being able to whisper and be invited to party’s and not be able to invite people as friends and then they went truly free to play but it was because they failed and sadly enough most mmo company will be as greedy and cheap as possible if other awesome new games didn’t exist most mmos till date (Aion,WOW,rohan,etc..) have you grinding for hours with easy enemies slow paced easy game play early on as usual so u will be bored to death and u will have to walk far for them to tell you to kill this and that and all u will be doing is press1 button i understand if the combat was so involving and challenging and stuff but its dull grinding in tera will be way mroe fun then in regular mmos and they have the audacity to charge you for that, thsi game is awesome in every way you can do a tornado moev to make a player or npc go in the air they can try to get out manually u can go around behind them manually with your fast dashing do a shadow holding down move to attempt to get teh shadows to tie them up because they can counter attack and just use the shadow thing as a decoy to burn them and while they are hurt you can g oaround and use the shadow tecnique fast before they stop burning and catch em with these involving game play its no wonder why this game is going to take the cake and whoop arche ages ass

    • also in blade and soul you can interact with NPC’s like you can in SWTOR (star wars the old republic) and if u befriend a NPC they can give you special quest from a NPC that they know and the devolpers won’t just have every one that becomes friends with the NPC to get the same quest and get the same gear they are trying to combat against age of wulin (wushu in USA) where NPC’s can walk around and have that same feature where if you become friends with them you can get random special quest.

      but in age of wushu your NPC’s can meet new people, if you bump into them some might say sorry some might get mad and if you were going to get a quest from then you won’t if you attack a random NPC(the game allows you to ) he might just run he can be an awesome maritial arts master that can whoop your butt or will try to fight you and if the towns people see you as a bully they will jump in lol and sometimes an NPC might not have a quest for you to go to some other guy because he hasen’t went out side because he got sick or he hasn’t seen any of his friends in the whole day and your quest will just be to travel the world.

      this all favors each other because since there was a fire that destroyed the town there is no NPC shops players can pick what ever profession they want and switch through them at will but if you do switch from them your level will turn back into level one from that specific profession.

      and you can learn as much skills as you please there is no limitation but you can’t learn all the skills, some schools in the mountains that are right next to each other can teach the same or different skills as well in the city but the ones in the mountains can teach the same or not its up to you to find your school at will some quest will even be to find a new teacher.

      since they are no NPC shops every player is going to have to work together to be succesful and on the way sell something to an NPC and get a quest and if you become friends with that NPC( you prob wont with everyone because some chars can be a** holes) your quest won’t just be a side quest it will be all connected to the story dude and you can have that connection with all the NPC’s in the whole game.

      there’s open PVP (not that ask if you want to fight bull sh*t its the GTA sh*t that’s in this game) but if a dude kills a player or a npc or kidnaps a player or NPC a bounty will be placed for his head all over town. Guilds can fight for territories anywhere in the game and guilds can charge taxes for the products they sell and theres a unlimited limit on guild fusions and your NPC becomes a NPC when you log off so you can tell him to sell this in this area or stick with the closest guild members and help him out so watch out in this game dudes you might logg in and be a slave because some dude kidnaped you and every time you log in you will be his slave until you buy your self back. this system is horrible but im sure that they will change it in the future after a high amount of complains.

      Source: type in age of wulin not wushu

      • This B&S trailer looks really good. Nice clean crisp graphics,plenty of eye candy,good fighting dynamics,now lets see if they put nice finishing touches on the NA release. I read that the majority of new MMORPG releases will follow a F2P platform,considering the success of F2P MMORPG’s in America. Luckily for us the huge success of AionNA F2P NCSoft’s platform looks quite tempting to potential developer’s.

  8. Quoted from the NCsoft website.

    “As the launch date draws nearer, we will have more information to share on price and business models. However NCsoft is actively evaluating what gaming fans in Europe and the United States want, and we are committed to creating a business model that will meet our fans’ expectations.”

    So make sure you sign up for the newsletter, join the community and when its time, tell them your wants. Maybe, just maybe they will listen.

  9. I enjoyed all 3 phases of Beta. I will make the assumption that they won’t get as much players into the server as if they did F2P. Movie scenes are fun to look at.

  10. I played a private server of thing long ago, I do admit it and yes I enjoyed it, tho the game was still quite… new, not many classes and lagged like crazy in some parts tho I really did enjoy it, now if the game comes out free to play then AWESOME!!!!

    Well let us wait and see I guess, this game is quite fun as long as there is no lag and the class choices even tho limited to what I could pick on the private server was still cool.

      • Tisk Tisk! Another fine example of the younger generation.
        So Sad indeed, Can’t read, and don;t know what joke’s are all about.

        You Sir and your fine fine literature, Should run for your country’s presidency
        and tell,Everyone that tells a joke to F*** themself’s.

        Guess it was just to complex to understand for your me Tarzan you Jane mentality .



    • 😀

      It was just a joke, Nothing to me is a clone of any kind.
      Simularity’s in game’s is not a clone at all. 😉

      Which this obviously has 0… lol

      Glad you got a laugh !


  11. Q: Will it be a Subscription or F2P Microtransaction business model?

    A: NCsoft is actively evaluating what gaming fans in Europe and the United States want, and we are committed to creating a business model that will meet our fans’ expectations.

    Also @Zanak — Yes, there will be EU server. There is an NA, UK, Deutsche and French version of the website by the way.

  12. I think Blade and Soul is the best MMORPG at the moment. I don’t think the game will be F2P (NCsoft). One question, no EU server for it?

  13. It would only be successful here if they made it F2P. NCSoft KR knows how successful NA is with the F2P games they host, and it would be in their best interest to host it for free off the bat, since it will inevitably sooner or later go F2P here.

  14. I’ll never buy an mmorpg game ever again, until I get to try it out first for free. There’s too many mmorpgs that are getting unnecessarily hyped and failed. Also, NCSOFT literally killed Aion with horrible management, just like Tera is being raped by En Masse right now. IF it’s F2P, I’ll be happy to try it out. If it’s not, I’ll wait for a trail or something.

  15. Wont be free to play. They’ve been planning to ask monthly subscriptions since it came out in Korea.
    If it will be F2P, i’m definately joining :D!


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