Blade & Soul fans, how many of you have thought to yourselves, “I really want to look like a tiger today.”? Whelp, you’re in luck. NCSoft announced the new Silver Saberfang Outfit today. This is a premium costume set that includes matching weapon skins, accessories, and even a pet. …Such an adorable pet… You’ll even have access to a special emote called “Prowl” whenever you wear the complete outfit.

For a chance at the outfit, players will need to purchase the Silver Saberfang Outfit Chest on the Hongmoon Store. It’s only available until February 7th and works like the Rosethorn chest — in that you won’t necessarily receive the outfit it’s named for. Instead, you’ll receive a random costume when opening the chest. If you don’t like it or already have it, you can trade it for Silver Saberfang Claws that can be exchanged for costumes — including the Silver Saberfang outfit. A list of all possible chest contents can be found on the announcement post.

In addition, an Emerald Gem package is now available on the store. It contains a few items players might find useful and costs 1,000 NCoin.

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