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Blade & Soul Producer Nico Coutant posted a fairly lengthy “State of the Game” letter today, going over a bit of what’s happened so far and — more importantly — what players can look forward to throughout the rest of the year. In an effort to aleviate some of the stress caused to players by never knowing what’s coming, the development team put together a handy roadmap showing what’s on the way between now and the end of the year.


As shown in the graphic, players don’t have to worry about new weapons for the rest of the year — with the exception of the 3-6 Legendary. Coutant does note that a Legendary is not necessary to complete any of the new content.

As part of the letter, Coutant briefly recaps everything that has (or will) happened as a result of the release of Vengeance Breaks, including the new account services. As a final note, he announced that the new Soul Fighter class will arrive June 22. There will be a variety of events leading up to the release, including the return of the XP event and the addition of a free character slot to everyone’s accounts.

More details on the recent state of the game and what’s to come are available in the official letter posted on the Blade & Soul site.

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  1. boots online…… i quit because of this…. and the incoming class is a lazy hybrid! … i whanted a gunner! … not a lazy hybrid ripoff…

  2. This game had some serious potential, but everyone I know including myself quit due to the sheer number of bots and hongmoon skill imbalance.

    Even with the hongmoon skill imbalance, it would’ve been amazing, but the bots are simply too much.

    By far the greatest 1v1/3v3 MMORPG PvP game in the history of gaming, ruined by poor management. It’s still massive in Korea (top 3 game over there) so it likely won’t “die”, but it’s pretty dead to most people that played it competitively.


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