Players of NCSoft’s free-to-play MMO Blade and Soul have some new content to check out. In addition to the launch of the latest update, Ebondrake Citadel, a new dungeon — temporary — dungeon has also been introduced.

The new dungeon, titled Tower of Memory, kicked off today and will stay open until October 26. A reflection of Mushin’s Tower, it offers limited-time ghost hunting for groups of 6 players, level 16 and above. The dungeon is designed to allow players of a wide range of levels run it together. Those who participate in the dungeon have the opportunity to earn some cool items and gear.

Other — more long term — additions brought in with this update are gem transmute changes, spectator mode, the Ebondrake Citadel Dungeon, and more. All of these are detailed on the official site.

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  1. I find the PvP in this game fun but… the PvE is literally braindead boring as shit. I’d rather just play nasus in a custom game of league than PvE in this game.

    • LOL if you really wanna play a game where PVP and PVE are both braindead and boring as shit try AQWorlds. The PVE is kinda decent for a adobe flash but for PVP it’s god awful it really needs rewritten very badly. I know plenty with PVP and PVE that was made horrible by crappy developers.

  2. I like the anime tv show and the storyline in the MMO but they just don’t got that one something to make me wanna keep playing it. I’d give it a 2-3 stars.

  3. Ugly generic asian shit, again child characters with huge boobs , baloon like mobs, another copy paste game.No one like all this shit in west, its dead here!


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