Are you ready for 24-man content in Blade & Soul? Whether you are or not, NCSoft will be dishing it out very soon, as the game’s latest update, Midnight Skypetal Plains, hits live servers in eight days, on Wednesday, Nov. 16.

According to the lore on the update’s subsite, “otherworldly creatures” have crossed over from the Spirit Realm and are wreaking havoc — which makes this sound more like an expansion for Rift than for Blade & Soul. Chief among them is the thought-to-be-extinct giant dragon turtle, the Sacred Longgui, who might be kinda cute if he wasn’t wreaking all that havoc.

You can also earn new Legendary Soul Shields and a new costume in the expansion, and participate in the game’s first 24-person raid. Those are about all the details that have been announced so far, but we’ll let you know if any more info drops between now and Midnight Skypetal Plains’ upcoming launch.

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