Blade Soul Shadows of the Innocents

The Blade & Soul story continues later this month with Shadow of the Innocents, which introduces Acts 5 and 6 of the epic story in NCSoft’s Chinese martial-arts MMO. Shadow of the Innocents details the rise of the Ebondrake Cult following the Dark Lord’s failed invasion and tasks players not only with stopping the shadowy cultists but preparing the next generation of Hongmoon students for the trials ahead.

Shadow of the Innocents adds three new heroic dungeons: Gloomdroos Incursion, Twisted Grimhorn, both available in four- and six-player flavors, and Grimhorn Wilds, a 24-player dungeon chock full of demonic minions. You can learn more about the update, which goes live July 20, on the Blade & Soul website.

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