Blade & Soul‘s next class, the warden, will be marching into the game soon, in the appropriately named Warden’s Fury update. It goes live Sept. 12, along with a new act in the story and a new dungeon and a free package of cosmetics and consumables.

As you can tell by the accompanying picture, wardens use a ridiculously huge greatsword to either dish out the hurts in their Frenzied Stance or defend their allies in Guardian Stance. If you’re not looking to create a new character just yet, you can hit up Act 9 of the story, Cruel Reunion, or challenge the Shadowmoor, a haunted ship that’s packed to the brim with extras from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

Until Sept. 7, players with existing accounts can also claim the Wandering Swordsman Pack to bling up their new Wardens. It comes with the Untold Fury Costume and Hair, along with other goodies. Learn everything there is to know about the update on the Blade & Soul site.

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