While today’s E3 session is running just as long as the ones that took place over the weekend, there’s not been a lot in the way of announcements. That’s because the majority of the day has been focused on things like diversity panels, tech stuff from Verizon, and other — distinctly not game trailers and game announcement — things. There was, however, a whole panel from Mythical Games discussing their vinyl toy tie-in game Blankos. For those of you that may not remember Blankos, that’s the game with NFTs.

In addition to spending a lot of time discussing the ‘virtues’ of NFTs, the developer announced partnerships with clothing companies and musicians.

Well, one musician in particular.

Mythical Games is working with deadmau5 to create a Blanko and accessory package designed around his cat, Professoring Meowingtons. Of course, there’ll be something involving the deadmau5 helmet as well. That’s just standard.

As for clothing, it looks like Burberry has a new place to take its virtual fashion after the falling out with Tencent. Mythical wasn’t as explicit about what players can expect from this crossover as they were with deadmau5, but apparently it involves an NFT drop. And finally, Blankos has also teamed up with The Marathon Clothing, the brand started by late rapper Nipsey Hussle. Again, there’s not much information on what to expect. What we do know is that they’ll be working together later this year. The deadmau5 and Burberry items will arrive sometime this summer.

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