Want to be an astronaut and shoot things? There was one game announced last weekend that will eventually let you do that, but if you want to get your murderous impulses out sooner than whenever Dean Hall gets around to finishing Icarus, there’s Unfortunate Spacemen, which has recently been made free-to-play on Steam.

Developed by Geoff “Zag” Keene — who, as it turns out, works for Hall’s Rocketwerkz in New Zealand — and published by New Blood Interactive, Unfortunate Spacemen is a multiplayer “friends become enemies” game that pits players against alien monsters with the possibility of becoming one themselves. Is your comrade an alien? Better shoot him just to make sure!

If you’re looking for a little less interpersonal conflict, you can also try out Unfortunate Spacemen’s PvE Story and Survival modes. Do your job well — by which we mean hunt down and destroy alien menaces — and the Company will reward you with a wide variety of customization options. You can also pick up some fancy duds by purchasing the Death Proof Edition of the game for $19.99.

Unfortunate Spacemen has actually been available for several years now, sporting very minimal concurrency numbers, and the move to free-to-play has greatly increased its player base, as can be seen here. In his Development Starmap for the game, published in December 2018, Keene said that he’s “in this for the long haul” though he admits that “Development could halt because, who knows, a virus could take over Earth.” Like that would actually happen!



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