Bless’ Steam Early Access period is almost here. Neowiz announced a May release today, around the same time it launched a shiny new website for the game. There’s not a whole lot going on on the site just yet. But there is information on the planned business model … which is buy-to-play.

I suppose, that means — sadly — that we won’t be doing much talking about the game from here on out on MMOBomb. That said, if you’re interested in Bless, the new website is worth checking out. It has some more info about the game, founder’s packs, and details on the “Emissary Program” — a community program open to people wanting to help promote the game. There’s also a new trailer, but you can watch that here.

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  1. i gladly pay to play a what look like a good game but 40 euros at launch vs the 10 of bdo or even Tera (but you got cd with perma bonuses in account ) 40 it seems a but much at least give till liv 10 free trial once you buy for that price is damn high what you gona do even WoW cost less

  2. It a real shame people hype everything up these days plus people start making thing up saying this game will be Free to play when the developer haven’t say anything about their business model yet.

  3. Black desert is b2p Asian made game on steam and is doing pretty well as a b2p I see Bless online being no different to black desert. b2p is going back to old school sort of back in day you use to go to the game shop and BUY a physical and most mmorpg’s back then had/have monthly subscriptions so I guess we are lucky it’s not b2p with monthly sub cry babies will be cry babies save up and buy the game and don’t expect everything to be free developer don’t make games out of thin air

  4. What ???? B2P ??? Didint they sayd its gonna be f2p ?

    Im so sick of lies … there is like tons of games who claimed to be fp2 or p2w but after they drop release date, game instantly turns into B2P !!!!

    Not gonna buy !!! unless its haves 5$ price , otherwise gonna wait till this turns into f2p.

    • They said that, but then they made a polls and majority of community voted for B2P.
      Im good with that, with game goin B2P they will not make game pay2win.

      • This game is f2p on other region, and yet you very excited on the b2p on western part. lol
        Another reason why its alert more hater on the game was after paying you will still get milk by the game on their cash shop.
        Yes, on the first early launch they will put nothing but just cosmetic items and once they launch goodie bags you will get the pictures.

        • Black Desert Online is buy to play in the West, and free to play in other regions (don’t know if all, but some), so I don’t see a game being buy to play in a certain region as a problem, because the market is different over here.

    • Yes good game, as if BDO first launch alot of players commenting so much positive until its been ruined down by the greed.
      Bad or good does not need to be written and only when its few month later.

  5. Alot of pessimism here! I honestly hope them the best in their endeavors. Going with a business model akin to that of Guild Wars 2 is a good move imo.

  6. If its got microtrans in-game then the game wont last very long till it drain it fund till become f2p..
    That how the market players work in the MMO, since its b2p if it remain as same as legend ” diablo 2″ then thing will work out pretty good for years.

    • What makes you think a buy to play MMORPG can even be sustainable without microtransactions to last all those years? People seriously need to appreciate non-abusive microtransactions (and F2P model by extention) more.

      • That goes a good POE or diablo series RPG, you seriously need to understand the world market and gaming player-base.
        Unless the company just need a few handful low population then nothing is impossible.

        • One is an overpriced Blizzard-funded non-MMO and the other one is an anomaly, as acknowledged by both players and experts alike. You don’t have anything to teach me. Read up on bizarre speculations of just how PoE can afford to do what they do instead.

  7. Normally I don’t have any problems with buy to play games, but they didn’t have any objective reasons to switch the payment model. Not after their game failed pretty much everywhere it’s been launched. You don’t increase the price when your product is underperforming, not unless there’s some sort of dishonesty involved.

    And the funniest part is that they’ve probably made this decision under pressure from the western “OMG plz no F2P P2W OMG” audience which will gladly pay for the same F2P stuff on top of the initial price.

    • Exactly… I can imagine their business model meeting:

      – How are we gonna do this guys?, FTP like everywhere else we released?
      – Nah!.. Americans need to pay something in order to tell themselves they are not getting scammed with freebies. even if they can get it for free.
      – So do we charge for the game, but cancel in-game store?
      – BWAHAHAHAHAHA!! (every one dropping a ROFLMAO)…. nice joke…. nice joke indeed

  8. LOL this is going to more then fail it will be like Swordsman Online and Like some others it will only have a couple of players with a shit ton of alt’s and it will go down as a game no one will give two fucks about. Good job retarded yes RETARDED people who came up with this ideal I can not wait to see how bad this game goes in 2018. Sorry Would pay for DCUO before bless any day of the week have fun bless people sorry the team of people working on it fucked up. Best of luck to yall.


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