Back in September, Neowiz announced that they would be delaying the release of BLESS in order to rework some things. This week, the developers posted an update explaining what, exactly, is being worked on.

According to the post, the team is working on two things in particular — performance and the combat system. The performance is undergoing an overhaul to make it work better with large scale content such as sieges and raids. In addition, loading times are also being looked at and textures are being improved. The hope is that this will make the experience more seamless for players.

The combat system is being tweaked in a few areas including the targeting systems, combat-related UIs, and more. There are also some quality of life improvements in the works.

The developers promise a more detailed update on all of this at a later point, but at least this gives players a pretty good idea of what’s in the works.

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  1. At least they are using the delays to work on the game and make it better instead of releasing a crappy game just to make a quick buck. As long as the game turn out good, I don’t mind the delays.

    • Agreed. I respect a dev who delays the game to work on it to make it better instead of releasing a half ass crappy game to make a quick buck.


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