Crafting and gathering: two words that every MMORPG fan loves or hates — or sometimes both. MMOs try to strike a balance between the work required to craft gear in their games without trying to make it seem too grindy or frustrating when you need that one rare bit that only drops on a Wednesday from a specific mob that spawns every three hours when the moon is full, or something like that.

The team behind Bless Unleashed knows your pain and is actually attempting to solve things by gathering feedback during the game’s open beta. A dev diary posted earlier this week goes into detail regarding the changes coming to the game with regards to crafting and upgrading, covering everything from the frequency of nodes (it’ll be increased) to the usefulness of crafting at later levels (it’ll be improved). As a reminder, there will be three different Unions in the game that players can join, and one of them will be focused around crafting.

On the upgrading front, things are … maybe better? The blog acknowledges that the difficulty of upgrading was “a key point of feedback we received” and that “drastic changes to the success rates for upgrading items” were on the way. In addition, there will be two types of Upgrade Masters added to the game. One is cheaper than the other, but if he fails, then the item you’re trying to upgrade might be destroyed, which is absolutely the way Western gamers want to play. And we’re sure that “guaranteed upgrade tokens” or the like won’t be sold in the cash shop. /sarcasm Let the upgrader beware.


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