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About the game:
Title: Bless Unleashed
Status: Beta
Developer: Round 8 Studio, Neowiz
Publisher: Bandai Namco

Embark on an epic MMO journey, exploring strange lands and battling vicious monsters in Bless Unleashed, the free-to-play MMORPG from the makers of Bless, published by Bandai Namco. The mad mistress of the dark, Lumenas, is on a quest to destroy mankind and envelop the world in eternal darkness. It’s up to you to keep her slumbering by striking back against her beastial servants, which run the gamut from kobolds to wyverns to cyclopses to dragons.

Choose from one of several classes, such as the crusader, priest, or mage, and voyage through a vast open world where both giant boss monsters and other players provide unending challenges. Choose from over a dozen dungeons and Utilize combos in combat to punish your enemies and immerse yourself in the lore of Telarion as you carve a path through Lumenas’ minions on your way to fame and glory!

Explosive Features:

  • Combo-based Action Combat
  • Top-tier UE4 Graphics
  • Open World And Dungeons

News and Updates

Sign Up For Bless Unleashed’s PC Closed Beta Test Now

On September 26, the first Closed Beta test for the PC version of Bless Unleashed will kick off on September 26th. Technically, it'll probably...

Bless Unleashed PS4 Beta Test Now Under Way, And We Have Keys For You

Just in case you forgot, here's your obligatory, "It's live," post for Bless Unleashed PlayStation 4 beta test. The test begins today and runs...

Bless Unleashed Is Coming To PlayStation 4 “Soon,” Closed Beta Next Week

It had to happen sometime, and now it is. Bless Unleashed is headed to PlayStation 4. Apparently interested players won't have to wait too...

Round 8 To Offer Beta Access And “Look Into” Ways To Compensate Bless Online Players In Unleashed

Round 8 Studio answered players' questions about Bless Unleashed coming to PC with an FAQ and video last week on the game's Steam page....

Bless Unleashed Arriving On PC Early Next Year, Beta Test Begins In The Fall

We still have a little while, but Bless Unleashed is on its way to PC. Round8 Studio and Neowiz announced the upcoming release in...

Bless Unleashed Releases The Saurin Deception Update, However Emergency Maintenance Now Underway

After a delay earlier today with the required maintenance, players can now get ready to take on some new challenges in Bless Unleashed....that is,...

Get Ready For Some New Dungeon Action In Bless Unleashed’s Saurin Deception Update

Bless Unleashed's Saurin Deception update is slated to release on June 25, and when it does it will add new arenas, dungeons, and lairs...

Bless Unleashed Bans Accounts, Then Unbans Them, Offering Apologies And Compensation

An exploit involving Estates in Bless Unleashed led to a massive ban wave last night, with 350 accounts getting the boot. The problem? They...

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System Requirements

Bless Unleashed Minimum System Requirements:
XBox One Only, XBox LIVE Gold Required

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