Hot on the heels of a “closed-but-not-closed-as-long-as-you-can-sign-up” Closed Beta weekend on the XBox One, Bless Unleashed continues the trek towards launch by showcasing a little bit of priestly goodness in their latest trailer.

Specializing in both warrior-like combat and spells that both buff and heal, the priest class brings a slightly different dimension to Bless Unleashed than classes available in Bless Online itself. In a more action combat environment, which Bless Unleashed is when compared to Bless Online, the priest will likely play double duty in parties by being the party’s primary healer and being expected to rain some extra DPS as needed.

We’re still awaiting the full write up on the official site like we already have for the Crusader Class, but honestly, “write up” is being rather generous with that term. Watch the trailer and you’ll have almost the same amount of info for the priest as the site gives for the crusader. You may want to at least hit the site though to sign up for the next beta.


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