Blizzard Announces World Of Warcraft Community Council And You Can Apply!

The council is part of an effort to obtain better feedback from players.

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World Of Warcraft Player Council

Note: Activision Blizzard is still under investigation by the state of California for serious harassment charges.

The World of Warcraft team is looking for better ways to receive feedback from players and today they announced one way they would be doing that – the WoW Community Council. If you’re familiar with EVE Online’s Council of Stellar Management, it’s something like that, only without the voting and possibly the trips to the developer offices.

This new initiative is intended to facilitate communication with players of all stripes, gathering “more detailed feedback on all aspects of World of Warcraft from players around the world with a wide range of backgrounds and interests”.

To achieve this, all players that wish to do so may apply to be part of the council. From these applicants, approximately 100 or so players will be selected to take part and will be granted access to a new discussion forum. The forum itself will be visible to everyone, so all players can see what’s going on. There will also be a private discussion area for Council members to encourage them to engage with each other and some discussions between players and devs will be broken down into smaller groups.

According to the post, they’re hoping to fill the Council with a wide range of players, everything from RP to PvP, in an effort to get as much feedback as possible on a variety of topics. If this is something you’re interested in, you’ll need to fill out the form linked in the forum post for a chance to participate. Also, keep in mind that your position is only guaranteed for a year, at which time they plan to reset and take applications again to allow new people to participate.

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