When we first got a look at the Heroic Tavern Brawl coming to Hearthstone, we weren’t sure it was such a great deal. Sure, you could get a lot for your 1,000 gold/$9.99 investment, but — especially once we learned you were limited to just five runs — there was a much better chance you wouldn’t cover the cost of entry, especially once you saw the kind of top-tier decks you’d be up against.

Blizzard apparently heard about players’ reluctance to give the new mode a whirl. The Heroic Tavern Brawl went live this past Wednesday, and yesterday the dev team announced a very important change: Instead of being limited to five runs, you can now take a hundred cracks at the Brawl, for just the price of one admission. Seeing as how you earn one pack (see the rewards here) even if you go 0-3, you can easily earn a profit, even if you don’t win a single game — well, if you could stand to get your face stomped in 300 times.

You’ll have to purchase your entry before Sunday night to qualify for the this week’s Brawl, and runs must be completed by early Monday morning. You can get full details on the changes to the Heroic Tavern Brawl from the post on Reddit.

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  1. Something about this post feels off. No way they would offer 100 runs for one admission. I did some quick searching and the other reviewers are right. the article has the wrong information.

    • not surprised either way i wouldn’t waste my time on a blizzard game again, they’re so generic and out of season

      shadowverse was far better and fair, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to obtain legendary cards on it unlike our legendary hearthstone.

    • Overwatch maybe worth it but their other games pretty much isn’t worth it. WoW used to be worth it but it feels outdated for me now. Maybe if this was 2004 or it was rebuilt or a new MMO similar to it was built like it I’d probably play it. Otherwise WoW isn’t worth it.

    • I 100% agree I’ve known multiple news sites that spread false information like yahoo news they just seem to copy and paste it from what I’ve noticed. And the comments section seems horrible but it may just be me.

  2. This post is so wrong. You can play this tavern brawl 100 times but you must pay 1000 gold for each time you play it. You can’t pay 1000 gold and play 100 times.

  3. is this post right?
    I was under the impression that you had to pay EVERY TIME for each new brawl. U don’t get 100 for the price of one. Am I wrong or is this post wrong?


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