Blizzard has announced their latest game! Is it Warcraft 4? No? Well how about Starcraft Ghost? Oh, not that either? Well perhaps it’s their long awaited Blizzard All-Stars, the supposedly Free-to-Play MOBA based on Blizzard lore characters. Close? It’s F2P you say? But it’s a card game….I see.

Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft is a digital card game set in the Warcraft universe (if you can’t tell already from the title). In Hearthstone players can play as one of the classes from World of Warcraft, including the mage, rogue and warrior. The game will feature around 300 cards at launch, with players collecting additional cards in-game or buying cards in packs of 5 for around a dollar.

Just like loot, the cards will come in different varieties including “common”, “rare”, “epic”, and “legendary”. The game will also feature a deck building mechanic called “The Forge:, where users can disenchant duplicate cards they don’t need and use arcane dust generated from the those to build the cards they do need.

The game will be available for Windows, Mac, and the Ipad with a release date of “soon”. Players can expect a beta out this summer with the full release coming later this year.

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  1. looks like magic the gathering, sounds like magic the gathering, probably plays like magic the gathering, so what that makes it EPIC.

  2. I think this game is worth a try if you enjoy the Warcraft universe and playing cards. The game has been developed by a completely new team at Blizzard so no hate on them.

  3. Why we all believe online games should be like this type? No! I believe Age of Wushu is not limited by tasks in game, which is more diverse.

  4. so… they didn’t mention about any “Cash Shop” type feature… does that mean it’s Purely Trading and Free to Play?
    Or are they going to go the “Pay2Win” route by letting players buy special powerful cards?

  5. Why the hate on card games? Especially when no one’s even played the game. If the general consensus is that the game sucks, and everyone has PLAYED the freaking game, that’s a whole different story. C’mon people, give it a chance. Just becauase Blizzard hasn’t really ventured into a client based card game doesn’t mean it’ll suck (nor does it mean it won’t suck).

    Those side comments about WC4 or SC:Ghost…I’d really like to see those, even though it looks like the RTS genre is finished for the Warcraft universe.

    • I may have an answer for this. You know, back then everything was evil like Elvis music.
      It kinda looks like its the same today. Every new game is evil.
      Or no…
      maybe just because the internet Hero kids today just need to QQ about everything because they have too much time on their hand.
      They never will say “im so ugly, i never kissed a kill. im sooo angry, lets rant about a new upcoming game.
      Yeah, i think the 3rd one is the closed truth.

    • I don’t like f2p card MMOs because almost always they are pay to win. I mean. how are they gonna make money without selling game-breaking cards in the cash shop? Take a look at battle forge for example, or magic the gathering. If it weren’t like that, I would gladly play them.

      • But that doesnt mean that the game is bad. Battleforge isnt bad either.
        You also need to buy new cards in real life to keep up with everyone else, so whats the diffrence?

  6. why would they make WoW f2p when they making money off the idiots that are paying yearly/monthly subscriptions to play an outdated game anyways.

  7. Love how the ppl are crying already bevor even trying this game. What a Suprise, a game company wants to make some money. Do you work for free? Im sure you dont. Also, you wan innovation and new things. Guess what, its not easy to make a whole Card game like that. I guess u guys play everyday any moba game that always the same over and over,but complaing about this. Cant take you serious. You guys are everything but gamer. Go and do something else.
    Back to Topic:
    I played 6years Magic the Gathering and i cant wait to try this. The Animations and effects looks quit good. If they can hold the in game balance,ill may will stick to it. Already Signed up for Beta.

  8. some people like wow (i dont its crap) some people like lol (its not the best but i play it 1,2game day)
    some people like path of exile (i love this game but my computer is crap)….. what im trying to say is that is imposible to make gama that all people will love to play it 😀 and sorry for may crap english 😀

  9. this is sooo fcking sad -.-

    blizz just keep surpricing us with how pethetic their dev teams are…. omfg …. wish those devs would just roll over already and give the spots to some innovating people with brain capacity to come up with new concepts and ideas for great games instead of all this bs we have seen the last 5 years

  10. There goes the hype,hype hype over the top, weeeee, plop. Blizzard just shat in out eager mouths. At least ea gave us a game even if it’s an extended unlimited trial, come on bliz.

          • they are losing players on daily bases so sooner or later they will have to go free to play or close the game i just hope that when they will the game will explode and they will understand that free to play is the way to go and maybe they will make more free to play games

          • They’ve been king of the MMO biz for 8 years and running. They still have nothing to gain by going F2P because they still have the largest player base which also pays $180 a year per person, not including expansions. It’ll be a while yet before F2P even becomes a viable choice for Acti-Blizzard.

    • Wow will never go F2P I hope you know that. They make Billions, only reason company games go F2P is if the game sucks, and they make no money. WoW will never go F2P Period.


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