It’s that time again. Something new is coming to Blizzard’s free-to-play CCG, Hearthstone.

According to an announcement on Battle.net, Hearthstone’s Lead Designer Ben Brode and Senior Producer Yong Woo will be making a special announcement during the opening activities of the Americas Winter Championship; revealing what’s next for the game. Those interested in finding out what’s going on — we’re all going to just assume expansion here — can watch the stream live on Twitch at 10:00 a.m. PST.

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  1. lol i feel sorry for everyone still playing this, activision/blizzard is acctualy removing cards from the game with that new standard mode.

    Enjoy renting cards for a huge amount of money lel.

    • You should read about games like Magic the Gathering, because guess what, they are doing it as well and they are still one of the most played TCG in the world

  2. This game is dead a long time ago (I mean not player-base but actual evolution possibility). All idiots except top ranked gamers are using same imbalanced decks. It’s stupid and uninteresting.

    • Well..I still play it from time to time: daily quests, tavern brawls. I know that Ranked is closed for me, so I get to rank 20, just to get the card back (why not? 🙂 ) and then move on. It’s fun when you’re not playing it with obsession.


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