During the opening ceremony of Blizzard’s 7th BlizzCon convention, Game director Dustin Browder took to the stage to give some early details surrounding the team’s upcoming universe-crossing MOBA Heroes of the Storm. During the presentation Browder made it clear Blizzard wanted to present new challenges to players not found in current MOBA design. Speaking to the crowd he said:”It’s not enough to pay homage to the games. We have to provide you with new challenges, and challenge the genre.”

As such Browder detailed several new battlegrounds, each more than just a map, but a story with its own characters and ways to play. In Blackheart Bay, players collect cursed treasure in order to win over the local ghost pirate and cause him to rain down haunted cannon balls from his ship on your enemies. Other battlegrounds, will offer summonable demons or the ability to transform one chosen player into a feared Dragon Knight.

Playable characters visible in the presentation’s small gameplay trailer included both versions of Kerrigan from Starcraft 2, Raynor, Tyrael, Diablo and the Lich King. Surprisingly, even Pudge the Butcher seems to be back in Heroes of the Storm. Hooks for everyone!

Finally, Browder revealed beta signups for Heroes of the Storm would go live today. Interested players can signup through the beta profile settings on battle.net.

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  1. JaoBaO on November 28, 2013

    EWWWWH! the gameplay made me sick,.

  2. Seed on November 13, 2013

    talking about lol xdd Dota 2 its THE moba for me all come from dota 1 all the rest just copies, 1 moba per week xd all trying to be like dota even lol
    this one can be good for the heroes, but more minimaps inside the general map, its sound weird to me in a moba where u have to see where are your allies and go faster to them

  3. ExHuman on November 10, 2013

    nice try blz, nice try. .

  4. Dampe on November 10, 2013

    omg how meany haters why you ppl judge the game only of the trailer this is the most stupid thing i ever see when the game come out (not the beta but the full game) then judged. I’m sure you only judge it becouse it is “blizzard” game and so what we all know blizzar only goal is the money and so what i say the game looks cool and fun isn’t this all that matters to play a game and have fun the games are for this not for your stupid opinion if you like it you like it if you dont dont play it it is simple as that nobody cares

  5. mgamer on November 10, 2013

    Im hooked. Now give me the game already!

  6. Phaedros on November 9, 2013

    Looks decent, I’m a fan of Blizzard lore more so than anything, their characters have a lot of depth and background, looking forward to playing Illidan, The Lich King, Diablo, Kerrigan and Raynor, also the chick in the cinematic was Nova, and Nova in game as well, they’re going with the iconic versions of each character… I didn’t see Zeratul though… hopefully my boy pulls through, stealth mode ganks engage. ^_^

    • Phaedros on November 9, 2013

      And before haters hate on me, I hated Diablo III and got sick and tired of WoW’s increasing accessibility and ease of play for noobs and idiots who couldn’t figure out how to play properly. =)

  7. Eviil on November 9, 2013

    Anyone seen that pudge hook? LMFAO
    Anyway, this has potential because the environment itself seem to active either by interacting or on their own. I like that. Hopefully they have different maps as well, i really get tired of the same looking map 53905390457390457 times.

  8. im batman on November 9, 2013

    oh go most epic battle [Illidan VS Diablo]

  9. Anon on November 9, 2013

    Welcome to the year 2000 Blizzard.

    Time to join the present, top-down MOBAs are honestly outdated. Smite has shown the real potential of MOBAs, third person IS the future. No skill topdowns are getting old.

    • trandill on November 10, 2013

      ok i love smite play it all the time but saying it reqúires no skills to play lol or dota 2 is idiotic relax already and see if its any good when it comes out and stop flaming games u werent that good at it seems since u hate it so much

  10. Mystika on November 9, 2013

    Man…the comments section on that video…ugh, fanboys everywhere.

    But anyway, I’ll keep an open mind with this. Cody Conners of onGamers who play tested the alpha at BlizzCon said it’s quite different from both Dota 2 and LoL…no purchasable items, no gold, starting with all skills, shared experience across the entire map, experience while you’re dead, no benefit to last hitting…it’s quite a shakeup of the things that traditionally defined the genre – apparently Blizzard’s Dustin Browder named it the game as part of the “brawler” genre, instead of using the Riot term “MOBA” or the Valve term “ARTS”.

    I’m fairly sure that the game will make some headway into the market and stick around for awhile, though I seriously doubt it’ll ever eclipse Dota 2 or LoL (it could take the 3rd spot, which I believe is currently held by Smite or HoN).

    • LeiHngWei on November 9, 2013

      Fanboys there and haters here apparently.

      I’m not into MOBAs, and from this info I think you explained why. I signed up for beta and giving it a shot. Can’t have an informed opinion without giving it a look, right?

  11. HackerXXL on November 9, 2013

    I dont know what you think guys , i dont like moba games dota 2 .lol ect , byt this game looks cool and better more cool features

  12. switch on November 9, 2013

    Its a nice idea to bring all the heros and villians from Blizzard into one game. But a dota clone?!? Anotherone?!? come on thats just waste

    • OMGFrogz on November 9, 2013

      Well…Dota is a warcraft III mod, a BLIZZARD franchise, So yea. And new’s flash not everything is a dota clone idiot.

      I personally will not say anything about the game until I try it so…yea.

      • extasist on November 10, 2013

        blizzard’s franchise? where did you got ideas like that, they don’t have any right for dota.

        • trandill on November 10, 2013

          are u blind hes says its a warcraft 3 mod and blizzard made warcraft he didtn say they owned dota.

  13. DERRP on November 8, 2013

    dat gameplay lol looks pretty boring, this game will be for fanboys anymore

    • Jinks on November 8, 2013

      This game would definitely be for fanboys and a hell lot of them, those people will definitely play this game for their favorite characters. Looks like this game will survive

  14. Slappy330 on November 8, 2013

    Never really been a fan of Blizzard games, however I always felt that they had good character design maybe this won’t be too bad..:)

  15. John on November 8, 2013

    Triple A budget game no potential to be good. Those who say this will never understand the market.
    Gaming would be dead if left to those like you. (Not saying it will be good but don’t knock it till you try it as they say).

    • lazy on November 8, 2013

      i agree with john, a lot of times even after i play games i still can’t decide if it’s good / bad or whatever because games are subject to change depending on a lot of things, please people, don’t be so hasty with dropping judgement on games based on trailers … have some fking patience

  16. TheTrue on November 8, 2013


  17. 1st comment on November 8, 2013

    just another overrated game

    • Coffee Cup on November 8, 2013

      You haven’t even tried the game at Blizzcon or anything, it’s not just another game… Coming from Blizzard, for another MOBA it has a lot of potential compared to all the recent ones that came out in 2013… Stop judging a game by its trailer, you just make yourself look stupid.

      • Tea cup on November 8, 2013

        You haven’t tried too. It could be just another moba … and alot of Blizzard game is overrated, coming from Blizzard doesnt mean shit lol

      • Allwynd on November 8, 2013

        1. its moba
        2. it has recycled characters from other blizzard games

        it just cant be good, just like diablo 3 sucks and hearthstone is just a tcg based on warcraft

        • Whyy?? on November 8, 2013

          None of you guys know anything so shut up!

      • ron on November 9, 2013

        their is league of legends , their is dota and then there is all the ugly terrible clones , this blizzard 1 will be the worst of them all and i do not doubt this for 1 second , blizzard is upset that league has taken #1 spot with 32 million active players and now wants a slice of that pie . total noobs lol

        • Kurdah on November 9, 2013

          There* I don’t think Blizzard really cares that league has the most active players, and i doubt that’s true. Blizzard still makes more money than them. I think most of you people are upset that BLIZZARD is releasing a moba, simply cause it’s blizzard. I’m sure all the kids bitching about it bitch about cod too, why. You should ask yourself that, what’s so bad about them? Blizzard is the top mmo developer so it gets hated on, just like CoD is the top FPS so it gets hated on. People hate on them cause they think it’s cool, I don’t see the problem with this, i’m actually excited for it i hate wow, played for 3 years and quit but this looks like it might be good if Blizzard is better at balancing it than they are at balancing wow’s pvp 🙂

          • dude on November 9, 2013

            Its not its because its BLIZZARD, its because its another moba….. Its like 5 other moba coming out soon…
            kids bitching ? really ? you seem to be bitching about people bitching , your not that much better.

            I am sure if this wasnt made by BLIZZARD you wouldnt be making this comment about people “hating”. Maybe take a step back and stop being a fan…. maybe its cool to defense Blizzard ?
            and top mmo developer ? really? they only made 1 mmo(wow) rest are lobby game…i wont talk about wow…..

          • Kurdah on November 10, 2013

            I’m not being a fan boy rofl i don’t care for blizzard, mobas are the latest trend yeah but there’s tons of mmorpgs coming out every month, those don’t get bitched about ‘oh another mmo stop cloning pls’ rofl, i’m not bitching i’m saying why this guy makes no sense. oh, and why you make no sense tata 🙂