Another arena battler is in the works, this one coming from a team with significant MOBA experience. Battlerite is its name, and it comes from Stunlock Studios, the developers behind the free-to-play MOBA Bloodline Champions.

Battlerite bills itself as a “Team Arena Brawler” (TAB? Is that what we should be calling these?) with a “wild mix of champions” that currently includes a dual-hammer wielding barbarian woman and a frog assassin — not a bad start. The game promises “short and intense matches,” as well as apparently offering some kind of spectator mode right from the start. Gotta lay that esports foundation early!

The only question, at least with regards to coverage on MMOBomb is: “Will it be free-to-play?” We posed that question to the Stunlock and the response was: “We are looking at all options, but no idea for now.”

It certainly looks primed for free-to-play, and it won’t command the same headlines as something like Overwatch, so we’d bet on it taking the free route. Still, we’ll hold off on any further coverage until we learn otherwise. You can sign up for the beta on the Battlerite site.



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