UPDATE: Bleszinski has stated via Twitter that Boss Key’s employees were notified of the studio’s closure via a typical meeting. We have therefore removed some of the more impugning statements of our original story.

When companies shut down, it’s rarely pretty. Even so, good leadership tries to treat its employees right, even up to the end. Bad leadership, on the other hand, thinks of its employees as little more than objects it owns and can be set aside without a second thought. (Of course, if leadership was good in the first place, maybe the company wouldn’t be in need of shutting down…)

Former Radical Heights Lead Producer Ron Lajoie indicated via Twitter yesterday that he learned of Boss Key Productions ceasing operations via his 10-year-old daughter, who saw Cliff Bleszinski’s announcement:

Considering that there was a Radical Heights tournament just last week and Lajoie was able to reveal patch notes that were scheduled to go live on May 21, it seems that — while not totally unexpected — Boss Key’s shuttering on Monday was a surprise to everyone who worked there.

Da-bomb to MMORPG.com for finding Lajoie’s tweets!


    • HAHA! Nah, will it be on the cast? Yes. 30 minutes? Nope…not worth a 30 minute “we were right” in this case 🙂

  1. That was Cliffy B’s original gameplan for a BR game. Start a company and keep failing until only one survives and maybe … win? Not that it was a good plan but at least was better than Lawbreakers.

    Jokes aside, if he couldn’t inform his employees before public announcing Boss Key’s shutdown than he was never CEO/Boss material. If the higher management doesn’t show a display of care and try to give better work conditions then the employees will inevitably not put their 100% resulting in Lawbreakers SUCCESS. Even if you don’t care, you have to fake it! That is the basic of working in a company with other people!!!

  2. I feel sorry for the Developer. Good riddance for Cliffy B. With this he will forever be Cliffy B. if he likes it or not.

  3. I would say it’s fairly obvious his point was – it’s heartbreaking to get that message from his daughter because no child should have to worry about their parents work.

    I get that you guys have to make news and stuff and play with peoples imagination but c’mon.

    • That arrogant prick has been getting on everyone’s nerves at every opportunity the last couple of years. I can’t blame the press for biting him in the rear now that his pants are finally down all the way.

      Besides, this story (speculatory it may be) is not any more outlandish than his previous statements and decisions.


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