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Nexon Downsizes, Making Cuts To US Branch is reporting that Nexon "has laid off an undisclosed number of employees," which one of its sources characterizes as up to a fifth of its workforce in the United States. Despite the seemingly large number ...

By Jason Winter -
Cliffy B on LawBreakers Free-To-Play: "I Wouldn't Rule It Out"

At some point, LawBreakers becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy: Everyone talks about how it's doing poorly, which makes people not want to play, which makes it do even more poorly, which makes more people not want to play, whic...

By Jason Winter -
Get A Free Taste Of LawBreakers This Weekend

LawBreakers may be doing its best to avoid being free-to-play, but that's not stopping the developers from offering gamers a free weekend to spend in the game.

By QuintLyn Bowers -
Whatever Happened To … Battlecry?

As much as we might make fun of “dead” or “dying” games, at least a game that launched and then declined rapidly … well, launched. Other titles aren't always so lucky.

By Jason Winter -
Nexon Announces New Game, Developed By Halo Veterans

Nexon's got a new competitive multiplayer game brewing, and it's utilizing talent from some of the biggest studios in gaming. The publisher's North American branch today announced a relationship with First Strike Games, a n...

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