InnoGames published a brand new gameplay trailer for its upcoming free to play Sci-Fi-MMORPG Bounty Hounds Online (BHO). This trailer prominently features the battle system. Containing only original in-game graphics, it gives an overview of the game’s stunning visuals and the alien environment.As one of the Bounty Hounds, mercenaries and experts in combat, the players have to use all of their abilities to defeat even the most vicious and gigantic aliens. They have a lot in their arsenal: melee and area of effect, ranged attacks, supporting and passive skills. With auto-attack, the characters can swiftly switch between ranged and melee weapons. Therefore, every player can move around freely and combine skills and abilities effectively, as an individual as well as within a group.

All of these features provide ideal conditions for fast-paced tactical battles against hostile aliens and other groups of mercenaries in PvP (Player-versus-Player). Players can form Squads and Legions for group play and to gain special advantages.

BHO is set in the 25th century, when man´s first encounter with Extraterrestrial Intelligence led to a huge galactic war. With the birth of the Federal Government, war has officially ended and military forces have been reduced. The peace that followed however is merely a façade and the government now relies heavily on Private Military Companies (PMCs) for their protection. These mercenaries are also known as Bounty Hounds.
At the end of 2010, InnoGames purchased the license for Europe from Taiwanese developer XPEC Entertainment. Bounty Hounds has already been a great success on the PlayStation Portable. A Closed Beta in English is coming soon, German and French versions shall follow afterwards. Further information on the game is available on

InnoGames has developed browser game titles like Tribal Wars, The West and Grepolis. With more than 60 million registered users, the German company ranks amongst the biggest developers and publishers of online games.



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