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By MMOBomb Staff,

Bounty Hounds Online is a sci-fi MMO currently in Closed Beta and a very promising game. Featuring some impressive visuals and some really giant and ugly aliens waiting to be slayed, we wanted to know more about the game. Read on for details.

MMOBomb: Can you introduce yourself and your role on Bounty Hounds Online?

Hi there,
I’m Maurice Kroes, Product Manager for Bounty Hounds Online at InnoGames. Together with my team I’m responsible for bringing Bounty Hounds Online to Europe. It is my task to take care of the planning, to build up a friendly Community Management team and to keep close contact with the developer XPEC.

MMOBomb: How would you describe Bounty Hounds Online?

BHO is a free-to-play Sci-Fi MMORPG. It has a lot of action content, but it also contains some strategy and role-playing elements. It offers the best graphics, you can see in a free-to-play Sci-Fi game, today. With five unique character classes and four different fractions, there is a lot of room for the players to play the game their very own way.

MMOBomb: In what way is Bounty Hounds Online inspired by the PlayStation Portable game Bounty Hounds? Mechanics, story…?

The story is a sequel to the PSP game and is set several decades later. The hero Maximillian from the PSP game returns as a legendary character with who you will interact in the game world, but you will play as your own mercenary. The game keeps its action packed design, but of course plays different as a MMOG. The focus is on the multiplayer aspects and encourages you to team up with your friends and allies in the game.

MMOBomb: Bounty Hounds Online uses the GameBryo engine, known for games such as Fallout 3. How do you place the game in the free-to-play genre in terms of visual quality?

We truly believe that it sets new standards for free-to-play Sci-Fi games. Especially the amazing combat effects and the futuristic designs are very impressive. Our gameplay-teaser and screenshots on the website give you a first insight about the high graphical quality; it contains 100 percent in-game graphics and 0 percent graphical adjustments.

MMOBomb: Being a sci-fi game, what kind of classes can we choose?

You can choose between Shock Trooper, Heavy Gunner, Chemical Brawler, Engineer and Agent – classes that have a unique style in the game. MMO fans will recognize some of their favorite archetypes such as a tank, melee damage dealer or supporting class that they will be able to pick up and play.

MMOBomb: Can you describe the combat? Is it similar to other MMORPGs or does it have some features of its own?

One of the special features is the immediate switching between melee and range combat depending on the range. This will make combat feel quick and action packed. An enemy running away from your blade will get a few shots in the back before you close in to slash him again. The game will feature a skill system similar to other MMORPGs that you can unleash between the gun shots and melee attacks.

MMOBomb: What other features would you like to point out in Bounty Hounds Online?

There a lot of interesting features packed in BHO! The game will introduce special “Combat Tactical Units” to aid you in battle. The CTUs are transformable robots that you can customize and evolve or even disassemble for components to upgrade another CTU. To speed up your travels you can fly around on a hooverboard (and more cool transport devices are planned for the future!). The crafting system, or Research & Development, is very extensive and allows players to craft, disassemble, upgrade and modify their armor and weapons. Squads and the bigger Mercenary Legions are teams of players that can do quests to earn upgrades for their team and clear out challenging instances together. There will be events the players can participate in on a weekly and daily basis and last but not least: We will make sure new content will be added regularly!

MMOBomb: When can we expect the Open Beta?

We hope to be able to open the beta at the end of July.

MMOBomb: Thank you for your time!

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