BRAINS: Dead Island MOBA Coming Soon

Michael Dunaway
By Michael Dunaway, News Editor Posted:

A Dead Island MOBA? I can't help but feel that publisher Deep Silver just fired off a pair of darts at the "Current Gaming Trends" dartboard when coming up with the third game in the Dead Island series. We've certainly had our share of MOBAs and zombie games lately. I suppose it was only a matter of time before the two came together and made some sort of superfluous love child.

The game, entitled Dead Island: Epidemic, will be a free-to-play MOBA pitting three teams against each other while fighting to survive the zombie onslaught. Deep Silver assures us the game will stay true to the Dead Island franchise's elements, even referring to the game as a ZOMBA, or Zombie Online Multiplayer Battle Arena. Fitting since it incites the kind of instinctive guttural zombie groan one would now expect from yet another MOBA announcement.

No word on whether Techland -the developers of the previous two Dead Island titles- will be returning to the helm for Epidemic. Deep Silver plans on releasing more info about the MOBA later this month at Gamescom.

Thanks Polygon.

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Michael Dunaway
Michael Dunaway, News Editor
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Discussion (54)

GamingMaster 9 years ago
Will this be a FPS/MOBA ?

MOBAProfessionalExtraordinaire 9 years ago
WTB POMBA (Pokemon Online Multiplayer Battle Arena). All the rest are wasting their time.

Vanquish 9 years ago
Whats with the flipping MOBAS! I really hate that game mode... Why not make it a multiplayer version of the first game and end with it...

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Moba QQ master 9 years ago
Da mobas omfg da mobs! WHY MOBAS! Jk Arena combat is awesome and has been the basis of all multiplayer combat systems since forever

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Kalvin 9 years ago
You have to keep in mind that just because it's MOBA doesn't mean there's going to be tower taking. The game could be anything. It can stand for Arena based. The first thing that came to mind was a zombie apocalypse map that had three teams, each fighting for food, water, and supplies. Maybe the zombies are all scattered around, roaming, but there are the super zombies too. Each team can raid another's for supples after farming for supplies, weapons, skills, etc, because in dead island we level up killing zombies rewarding ourselves with skill points. It's gotta be something to that extent.

Really interested to see how this turns out.

norb 9 years ago
really how many mobas can one get... if this continues there will be more mobas than any other f2p games...

Kim 9 years ago
I feel like this will be a hit and miss.
Or you know... a clear miss.

TheGamer 9 years ago
You got to be kidding me...

asura tech genius 9 years ago
What can go wrong if you'll combine most hated today genre and setting? Zombies and moba sounds so silly that I'm going to check it out, still deep silver is good (at least while im waiting for thief).

Guys, C'mon, it's grindhouse :) "hobo with a shotgun" was doing exploitation thing, but did it right. I'm just hopping deep silver won't go "serious" about it and will work a decent moba fundamental that maybe, just maybe, in the future they can work on, for something better.

Navid Arafat 9 years ago
a moba with 3 teams of players? o.O

vixion 9 years ago
all your comments are giving me cancer all of you have no idea what you are saying DONT LIKE MOBAS DONT PLAY IT!!! EASY

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REAL gamer 9 years ago
What's wrong with more mobas? are you guys retarded? it's not like you have to play all of them... anyway this sounds good i can't wait to see what they come up with.

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GamingMaster 9 years ago
Are they stupid? we have more MOBA games than any other genre ... STOP MAKING MOBA's for the love of god!!!! :(

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Bic Boi 9 years ago
MOBAs are getting dangerously close to the same saturation as FPS games; a dime a dozen. When was the last time anything but an MMORPG or MOBA was announced here? I can't even remember. What the fruck happened to puzzle games? Fighting games? Sci-fi? Does anyone even give a shit about steam punk anymore?

It seems like all anyone gives a frelling damn about in this age is typical military shooters, generic fantasy games and the occasional zombie game that comes along with it's ever-so-innovative splinter cell copycat gameplay (I'm looking at you Last of Us). The industry is getting horribly stagnant.

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Zalteck 9 years ago
Can't companies move on now..? I cant help but feel that MOBAs are slowly turning out the same way as the browser based city builder did...

CptPuddingBearZ 9 years ago
hmmm neat...I'll try it

LordHikaru 9 years ago
moba... kinda put a sour taste in my mouth since I can't really get into them... Why couldn't it of been an open world MMO? lol.

IahEden 9 years ago
Eh, I'll give it a chance. Just because the market is so oversaturated with MOBAs right now doesn't mean it will definitely be bad.. Okay,seeing another MOBA announcement is admittedly a bit irritating, but there is no need to condemn it before the darn thing is even released.

Taurisaur 9 years ago
ROFL why are these company making even more moba ?

Please enter your name here 9 years ago
We already know league of legends is the best moba out there. Not even trolling. There are soooo many players

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HellcatM 9 years ago
I wish I could go back in time and kick the guys ass who developed the moba. This is going way to far. Tons of shooters I can understand but almost every moba I've played is like every other moba I've played. Smite and Super Monday Night Combat are two that are different and I even got bored of them.

MorbidDesire 9 years ago
Oh. My. God. This is gonna be bad bad bad.

stop QQing about mobas 9 years ago
why do you people cry about mobas coming out. if it is not moba, then what? you can just say the same for omg another mmorpg, omg another fps. the genre doesnt matter as long as it is a good game. and nobody know anything about the game yet, so why tears? QQQQQQQQQQQ you people just like to complain about everything

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Skullheart 9 years ago
I hate that it's a MOBA,but the funny thing is that it might be more successful then it's console counterpart.I'm kinda of interested to see what they mean by "Three teams"

ThcMonkee 9 years ago
I giggled.

But once I'v was done I noticed that this might actually be cool.

What a lot of people fail to understand is that MOBA is a genre. The problem that MOBAs have is the same problem that any other genre have, lack of imagination. The market is over saturated with any particular genre as much as it is with the lack of innovation.

Noticing that this particular game plans to have three teams and if zombies stay true to their nature by attacking anyone, meaning they don't belong to any team like creeps do in other games, it seams that Dead Island: Epidemic just might end up to be original and refreshing spin to an already stale genre. It might not be a product of dart tossing, but rather a product of brain storming.

We should give this one a benefit of a doubt, it's all I'm saying.

Game Of Drones 9 years ago
Oh my god another MOBA. Just what the world needs! A new MOBA hasn't been announced in what...10 days?

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reavermyst 9 years ago

Berney 9 years ago
I saw this post and thought it was gonna be a new Dead Island game. All i got was another MOBA. When are game company's going to realize that making a MOBA 5 years ago was better. Now? No, there are 20+ being made daily. Next MMOBomb post is going to be Nintendo announcing Pikmin 4: POMBA. (Pikmin Online Multiplayer Battle Arena)

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TRB 9 years ago
So... Another MOBA huh?

Smashingharbor 9 years ago
Honsestly this sounds really great

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wh....why 9 years ago
wh...why? th..this is a joke right? RIGHT? the game wasnt even good and now they making a moba? its like they are trying their best to go bankrupt

Ero-Shinigami 9 years ago

What? 9 years ago

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