Star Wars Attack Squadron has just lost its starboard engine as Disney has just announced it is ceasing all further development on the title. Those who visit the site are greeted with a singular message which thanks everyone who participated in the closed beta for Star Wars: Attack Squadron, but the studio says after much consideration they have decided to “focus on other
Star Wars game experiences”.

Star Wars: Attack Squadron was teased back in December with the promise of players engaging in 16 player PvP using classic spacecraft across iconic Star Wars themed locations. The game was said to have multiple game modes and the ability to customize their ships through in-game upgrades.

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  1. But of course..we can’t have this game doing better than the PVP star fighter mode for Old Republic. Why, that would take away from the spotlight of that ever-so-good MMO(lol…)

    • SWTOR has nothing to with Disney. SWTOR is Developed by Bioware and published by EA, Disney doesn’t even has the authority to mess with the game.

      • Actually your wrong there.Disney does have the rights to mess with SWTOR,as Disney owns the Star Wars IP.EA only has the license to make/publish Star Wars games as long as Disney sees fit to allow them to hold onto the license.This decision more then likely is due to Disney choosing to no longer make or publish games at all.Instead opting to license out their IPs like marvel and in this case Star Wars.So the reality is SWTOR will only exist for as long as EA keeps paying Disney.In Fact EA probably payed a butt load of money to Disney to scrap the attack squadron game,to maintain the continued viability of SWTOR.In fact if SOE wanted to they could outbid EA when the license is up,then we could get SWG back.But we all know like with the NFL license EA will pay any amount to keep the SW license.Esecially if Dice delivers a good battlefront game.

        But lets be honest if BF4 is any indicator it’ll most likely be a buggy mess that won’t be playable for 6 months.

        • Guy what are you even talking about? EA has their own license for SWTOR. Disney cant touch shit on SWTOR unless it branches out to other SW things. SInce EA still has the license for another 5 years disney wont do shit to them and EA wont bother with disney since the game will die out by then.

          • You clearly don’t know how Disney conducts business mate. They’re far from prim and proper if you’ve followed their court precedings since Walt died and his son took over Disney.

  2. @Zombie

    I guess we played 2 different games… My experience was horrible, input lag, bad controls, boring gameplay and really wasn’t shaping up to be anything more than just a generic tps but with star wars ships

  3. As someone who played in the beta… I can’t understand why they closed this down. It was amazing. This is such a huge disappointment. Guess if its not legos Disney doesn’t want it.


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