Today marks the launch of the open beta for Brick-Force, the free-to-play sandbox shooter. All players who have registered for the Open Beta and any friends they wish to invite will be granted immediate access to the game. Every registered player will receive a special key code that will allow them to invite an unlimited number of friends to the VIP Open Beta.

With the updated game client, players can expect extensive changes, such as new possibilities in the sandbox mode, balancing improvements, brand new voiceovers in all six localized languages and several new items that can be bought with ingame currency or real cash.

The overhaul of the user interface, browser client and two new shooter modes are waiting in the wings and will launch soon during the Open Beta.

In a video released today, Infernum showcased some of the best maps from the Closed Beta and thanked the dedicated Brick-Force community for their hard work. To celebrate the Open Beta launch, the rapidly growing Brick-Force community has once again been asked to get their creative juices flowing and upload videos onto YouTube. The creator of the most liked video will be rewarded with a grand prize; an impressive retro gaming style sofa with a custom Infernum design.

The Brick-Force client will be available freely for download on the official website,


    • I’m too into Ace-of-Spades atm… Plus, why doesn’t it have blood spurts when you get shot? Why would they turn those into sparks? I want pixilated blood baths! Give me Quake style gibbing, I would probably get addicted to that game.
      Anyway, here’s the game that did it… first?

      • Actually, why aren’t the worlds destructible? I guess it would be because the build phase was separated from the combat side of the game. While Ace-of-Spades is a FPS first, then a builder. I like the in game changing world dynamics. I’ve actually pulled some pretty fun guerrilla warfare tactics in some mountain sides. It’s fun to hunker down into a side of a hill and just blow people away as they try to tread up the hill.


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