Tree of Savior‘s Episode 13 update is on its way, and when it arrives it will introduce the Arquebusier, a new Archer class. This new class is obviously ranged and attacks a single target from a distance using muskets and cannons. As a result, the focus of the Arquebusier’s abilities are mostly ranged, with some defense abilities thrown in for good measure. While some skills can be used more on the fly, some will require players to line up their shots.

The Arquebusier isn’t the only new class that will be added in Episode 13, a new Scout class, known as the Clown, is being added as well. The Clown utilizes daggers, throwing them long distances to attack targets. Some of their abilities even allow for daggers to hit one target and then bounce to another.

To prepare players for Episode 13, imcGames has put together a special gift (or gifts) that will be made available to players beginning with tomorrow’s patch. Between then and February 1, players will receive special login rewards, such as a Golden Anvil, Attribute Points, Vouchers, and more. The update also includes Happy Moo Year’s Packages.

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