Broken Ranks Debuts Long-Awaited Valdarog Instance, PvP Arena Tournament System, And PvE Class Balance Changes

The Q3 update is now available for download.

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Following the timeline of their updated roadmap, Whitemoon Games has released their Q3 patch in Broken Ranks, debuting the long-coming Valdarog instance, PvP Arena and tournament league system, PvE class balance changes, and plenty more.

"Valdarog's location is the third boss instance we give our players since the release," stated Whitemoon Games Founder Krzysztof Danilewicz. "It will provide some entertainment for mid-level characters, who will be able to immerse themselves in its unique atmosphere...Plus, there's a very interesting story behind it."


The instance will be available for level 70+ characters and rewards players who overcome the ice-breathing dragon Valdarog with a chance to acquire four legendary items, such as the "Istav" staff and the "Dracorporis" cape. To take on the instance, players must accept the new introductory quest "Draconic Ambition," sending them deep into the dragon's lair.

Alongside the instance are the PvP Arena and the tournament league system. Apart from having a new place to duke it out between players, the patch focuses primarily on the unique tournaments in store for players. There will be five leagues: Amateurs, Warriors, Veterans, Heroes, and the Invincible, each for solo players and teams with a dedicated level range. Accumulating points for winning battles or simply through participation will advance players into higher leagues throughout a timed season.

Every fight will reward fans with gold, platinum, and "thalers," a new exchangeable currency for gaining guild resources, upgrade substances, or instance entries. Whitemoon plans to run some tourneys that won't count toward the league, helping players get acquainted with the system before diving in head-first. The schedule for it will be published on the Broken Ranks website soon.

Arena Fight

Lastly, the devs have taken player feedback on solo play, team play, and the overall game to heart, implementing PvE class balance improvements that chiefly affect the Barbarian and Knight classes. To cut down the length of fights when performing melee attacks, Whitemoon has decided to "make combat faster and more dynamic."

For example, when fighting a mob of five melee-focused enemies, each one that attacks the character will prompt the player-character to attack reactively. It will continue to occur until all enemies are defeated. As for class changes, Barbarian's "Rip" and "Anger Shockwave" skills have more viability and quality-of-life fixes. Whitemoon overhauled Knight the most, though, losing its "Quick Slash" and "Trance" abilities. They are replaced respectively by a ranged piercing "Throw from the Hip" attack and an attribute converting skill called "Battle Fervor." Overall, it sees balance improvements that allow it to have compelling solo play and support teammates when necessary.

You can read the entire list of changes and additions on the Broken Ranks website!

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