If you don’t happen to be busy tonight, you could try your hand at taking over the world in Rebellion’s browser-based Evil Genius Online which just launched into open beta. The original Evil Genius was released on PC in 2004 as a single player game which had players managing a secret lair filled with henchmen. Throughout the game players would employ henchmen to build new areas of the lair, furthering your Evil reach and propelling you closer to world domination.

Evil Genius Online attempts to recapture at least some of the original’s charm, but set in a browser setting, more specifically Facebook. Yeah it’s one of those types of games. In an attempt to make fans of the original feel more at home, Rebellion asked closed beta players how they could make the game better. While undoubtedly many asked for a true PC sequel (with one supposedly in the works), Rebellion says they’ve implemented some of the requested changes including improving the UI feedback and adding in iconic super agents from the original.

Rebellion says after the holidays it has more to add including new room types, specialized minion training, and Global Domination mode. Now I can’t wait for someone to ask me on Facebook what I’m up to just so I can link them this:

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