Destiny 2 goes free-to-play in just five days, and Bungie wants to make sure you’re prepared. Today, the developer tweeted out an infographic detailing everything that will be available to free players on Oct. 1, when New Light sees the light of day.

We already knew that all the Year 1 content and the Crucible would be included in the free version of Destiny 2, though there seems to be a bit more in this image. As I’m not a D2 player, I’m defaulting to Forbes’ Paul Tassi for his breakdown of things, in which he says that free players get “access to signature activities of each Annual Pass season, the Forges, Gambit Prime and Menagerie.”

Tassi also asked Bungie about various other aspects of exactly what players would receive and got responses via Twitter:

We’re not sure if all the qualifications and exceptions count as “streamlining,” but that’s often what happens when an MMO (or whatever you want to call Destiny 2) with varied content packs all over the place goes free-to-play. If you’re an experienced player, it might all make sense, but as a new player, I’m just going to jump in and play what I can play — and try not to get too peeved when I run up against a paywall.

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