A few days ago, rumors began circulating that Bungie’s massive shooter Destiny might be looking to make a free-to-play move in the near future. The talk centered around the game being listed as “Free” on the Sony and Microsoft stores and the possibility that a new expansion coming soon could be reason enough to try and get as many people as possible into the base game.

Chalk all that up to a miscommunication. Bungie has confirmed that the game’s “Free” status on its purchase pages simply represents a free trial of the game:

“While players may download the Destiny base game, they will only be granted access to the Destiny Trial Mode for free. If players wish to progress through the original Destiny adventure via digital download, they will be required to purchase Destiny – The Collection to gain access to this content.”

Still, it didn’t seem like a half bad idea. Destiny was hyped for years and, apart from a few booms timed around major releases, seems not to be widely played. It wouldn’t surprise me to still see a free-to-play Destiny down the road someday, but it won’t be any time soon.

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  1. why play destany when you got Warframe? just watch angry Joes review 2016 from the remake of warframe. 100% f2p game that is insanly good with 2000hr and more game play! yeah it game that bit grindy but its free. sure u can pay to take sortcut to get ur stuff faster. but that dont give u an advantage. more then u save some time. for thos that dont know what warfram is cheak it out!. it has been updated allot past months with so much new conetent all free!… the devs is making realy strong development on that game atm.. and much more content is on its way!

    • No Idea why you’re comparing these two games, they have little in common. Additionally you can progress on destiny while playing casually and maintaining a job.

      Warframe required too much of my free time for me to find it enjoyable. It’s a nice game but not for everyone

  2. Honestly. they should do what Guild Wars 2 did, and offer the entire base game for free and offer expansions to those who want it.

      • Guild wars 2 model works well. for them but yeah dont thinck game like this one wuld be much use for it. its better to reless a game as buy to play then that it. no sub… u pay fore securty when u buy a game that is buy to play. and you help out the developers to get some monye to make new content.

        And also some thing ppl dont know about guild wars 2 is that lving world content is allso kind of expantion there is actuly 3 expantion story wide with new maps so the game got allot of content. so giving out first game with so much game time for free is realy nice and then buy expantion later is nice deal. dont get when game like gw2 that not focust on gear ore wepons is calld p2w is just stupid. cuz there nothing in that game that culd give a player an advantage. more the buy some gold legit to buy skins and bank space like eny game got. and its how thay maintine f2p model to keep game alive to make more free content. in my opinion ppl that dont play that game shuldent talk shit about it.

      • I guess but I 100% agree with you about the subscription games they suck. But I don’t wanna buy an expansion everytime it releases I rather it be free but I don’t mind buy 2 play games but I don’t wanna buy every flippin expansion that releases in the game just to play the expansion. I at least expect the expansions/events to be free or some type of cash shop or world tournament or something.

    • Second that.
      No matter what you will eventually need F2P crowd to keep your game interesting and populated since you can’t be wow.
      Eventually all games will go f2p no matter what, well, except wow i guess heh but wow is from another time.

      These days it’s always a matter of “how long can you last till your game will need F2P” and how much cash can you squeeze from your P2P or B2P till you will need F2P.

      • No I don’t think that’s true. I think one game could beat WoW problem is no one has even given it a try they all are obsessed with gaining cash and releasing half finished projects and stupid concepts that no one want’s to play.


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