Destiny 2 will be going free-to-play in September, and when it is, you’ll be able to move from one device to another at will. That’s the plan for cross-saving that Bungie has in mind, but true cross-play will still be a ways away, and probably not coming this year.

General Manager Mark Noseworthy replied to Kotaku’s Jason Schreier on Twitter, saying that the dev team has “a lot on our plate” to deal with before cross-play can be implemented:

Noseworthy also said during the initial reveal that Destiny 2: New Light would be moving from to Steam, but that doesn’t mean it will only be on Steam:

“[W]e do want Destiny to be a game where you can play anytime anywhere with your friends, and be able to find it in multiple places, so it’s totally conceivable that someday we’d be on the Epic Games Store and other launchers in different regions.”

Of course, using terms like “totally conceivable” and “someday” aren’t exactly the strongest of commitments, so we’ll have to wait and see where else, and when, Destiny 2 becomes available on PC. It’s not a hot new release, like the games that are exclusives to the Epic Games Store, so we wouldn’t expect that there’s any particular agreement in place. More likely, it’s just a case of Noseworthy and his team doing the work to get Destiny 2 into the hands of PC gamers, regardless of what service they prefer.

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