C9, Continent of the Ninth Seal, will be releasing a new expansion for the free to play game on June 23rd. Entitled “Lord of Baltic,” the new expansion will add a new fighter class in the Vikings, a new fishing system, and more.

Vikings are prideful fighters who have been protecting the Nest of the Ancient Dragons deep inside the Recko Mountains. Unlike other fighters, they have a special ‘Frost’ ability that has been passed down from their ancestors and allows them to freeze their enemies. However, it differs greatly from the elemental magic of the Elementalists and Wardens.

Find yourself running out of stamina from running dungeons? C9’s new fishing system will give you something else to do while you recharge. Head on back to Waterford Village on the first continent to take part in the new system and maybe fish up some rewards in the way of potions, auspices, skill books and more.

Stay tuned to the C9 website as more details are revealed between now and the expansion’s launch.

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    • C9/ Webzen deserves Another chance to show themselves what they are capable of. If they add blood-effects, better graphics, increased story mode with more frequent ingame videos they should go fine, even be the best game ever made in their category.

      I Think they can manage it with a deeper Community/ player base.


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