“When is CABAL 2 coming out?” This has EASILY been one of the questions I get asked the most whether it’s in YouTube comments, on the Free to Play Cast, on a livestream, or even just through email. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked this in my 6+ years of covering MMOs. Until recently, we didn’t have an answer. Once we found out that the North American and European releases were targeted for this spring though, at least we knew when, even if we knew almost nothing about the game itself.

Today, ESTSoft has released the first of a four part video series to start the information flow for the free to play CABAL 2. This video focuses totally on combat and rolls through how you’ll rely on consecutive attacks, combos, combinations, and a special battle mode to tear through your enemies. Each of these concepts aren’t too difficult to understand, but being able to pull them off in certain situations is going to take timing and skill. Add in the ability for tanks and healers to vary their combos and drop extra protective buffs or healing spells instead and you have a system that seems to have some variety and decision making to your rotation, even if the game utilizes a familiar tab targeting system.

I have to say, I like it so far. Check out the over 12 minute video and let me know your thoughts below! Make sure you pay the game’s website a visit to sign up for beta if you haven’t already.

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Mike "Magicman" Byrne has been a part of the MMOBomb family for years and serves as the site's current Editor-in-Chief. His love for MMOs and gaming in general has led him to covering games for numerous websites including Gamebreaker TV and XIV Nation where he proudly displays his fanboy flag for FFXIV:ARR.

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  1. Cloak on March 23, 2015

    Man Tera really looked like crap in closed alpha. *Joke*

    But really this game trying to make combo’s like its something new is…. facepalm. I really hate games that insult a persons intelligence. Dev’s need to stop holding the players hand. We don’t need it *slaps hand away*. I am surprised this game is not out yet. This kinda generic game would be out in a matter of months. After all its outdated 101 mmo gameplay. Mobs, quest, grind, and a story nobody gives a flying cow about because they just click on through to Accept and proceed. Anyways, looks pretty and that’s the only step-up its got from Cabal online. Other then that I don’t think their is anything here to be impressed by.

  2. hovsep on March 23, 2015

    had to laugh when the girl said it gets pretty addicting. yea not if you have to do it for the REST OF YOUR LIFE.

  3. SolBalmung on March 23, 2015

    wow, so many peeps complaining that it’s generic, what the hell is wrong with being generic?
    It’s a point and click MMORPG for the love of god, not some kind of hybrid like Skyforge or action MMORPG like Terra, so stop comparing it with both of those.
    Saying that its boring because its point and click means that you don’t particularly like that mmorpg genre…

    • Cloak on March 23, 2015

      Actually it is like a “Hybird like Tera MMORPG”. It has a combo system like Tera. It actually reminds me of Guild Wars 2. But anyone who is here defending generic gameplay shouldnt be here. You should be stuck back in 1999 on EverQuest.

  4. KalameesJr on March 21, 2015

    Not going to lie but for a moment I thought I was watching a video about Aion… considering how the UI and visuals look and how the skills/chains work.

    • True on March 21, 2015

      True, but it does look more fluid than Aion.

      • drTRUTH on March 22, 2015

        AION is a fully foolish game, even its generic battle system they are the founder of new skill system like chain skill flying combat PVPVE and many more. they did it so perfectly. but aion NA and EU destroy the game. and there still no SEA server thats why it dont get too much attention from other gamer around the globe.

        • Pew on March 22, 2015

          The reason why it got “destroyed” in NA and EU is because people dont want to grind for a month for the dumbest reasons.. The game was grindy as fuck and that basically killed alot of peoples interest.. Fuck even on private servers the game is a complete snooze fest

  5. notcoma on March 21, 2015

    can it be more generic?

  6. Etrius on March 20, 2015

    Ok… “I” think its really cool that they keep using the previous title gameplay features, but I can’t forget my 1st impression as it being an “Aion + Battle Effets – Customization” kinda game… also, after playing FFXIV and Skyforge, AI in Cabal II really need some work… mobs having tons of hp, and doing single target normal attacks and a few AoEs w/o really showing that “the attack X is coming” will make this boring in no time. I also noticed that she wasn’t moving while using skills with the melee classes, is it position locked while using them?

    • merc on March 21, 2015

      its point and press the numbers to attack expect no challenge or actual skill to play , nuff said

  7. Detestt on March 20, 2015

    As veteran Cabal player, I’m kinda insulted by what they turned it into.

    • Mr Heartless on March 23, 2015

      I used to play it on private servers, literally scoured the internet to find a place to play the original Cabal since my region was IP blocked. Now they come out with this basic looking shit lol. I really wonder how people can consciously pour time and effort into such lackluster products.

  8. DolphinBUrrito on March 20, 2015

    Do you really have a right to judge it from a video? No.

  9. asdasdas on March 20, 2015

    generic combat, no patterns, pass

    skyforge combat would be the minimum i settle for, at least their mobs have patterns instead of this generic shit show