CABAL 2’s latest update, Ruins of the Gods, goes live today in the free to play MMORPG from ESTSoft. The update raises the level cap to 45, adds new story content, a new zone, a new dungeon, new skills, and new gear to the game.

The new Grey Canyon zone is a dark place discovered by a wandering hermit who then turned over the land to the Curia Order and the Hermit Forest. This new zone comes complete with new Abysmos for players to tackle on their road to the game’s new level cap.

On the dungeon side of things, The Ancient Laboratory is a level 45 dungeon scaled for parties of 6 that takes place in a long forgotten place that is full of history and lore. You’ll be sure to score some of the game’s new armor sets here for your classes.

Finally, each class will receive anywhere from 2 to 4 new skills along their way to 45.

As an added bonus, players that have been inactive from the CABAL 2 battlefields will enjoy a seven day premium for returning to the game. This premium will provide players an increased item drop rate, a higher point acquisition bonus when battling and much more.

Check out the new content at get started at the CABAL 2 website.

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  1. i like this game – Cabal 2 its good graphic and battle performance like use skill, all working random glyphs and other stuff, like most arrmor appearance effect but me favorite game is blade and soul, sorry. I think this game need make tournament system PvsP mode or 5 raids vs 30 player oh oh oh oh some of interest changes in mmorpg to up people number online and make game the best. In my opinion I think all MMORPG from 2013-2016 until now only taking your graphics and creative story. But everything has to be thought out strongly for fantasy and reality is something else…


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