Cabal 2’s getting a big new chunk of content next week, with the Ruins of the Gods scheduled to go live on Wednesday, Oct. 14. The update increases the level cap while adding a new zone and three new dungeons to challenge those newly minted max-level characters.

The Gray Canyon is the new zone, meant for players level 40 and up. It’s where you’ll find the three new dungeons: Silent Snowfield, for level 43 players; Ancient Academy, for level 45 players; and Tomb of Kain, which requires completion of the first two dungeons. As you might expect, the new dungeons offer new and more powerful gear, giving players plenty of incentive to give them a whirl.

Also, there are lasers. They make everything better.

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  1. The only thing i love of this game is the GM Icee, she has sexy voice, she’s so hot and sh’es so cute when she gets nervous while live streaming. But haven’t played the game since beta.


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