Call Of Duty Warzone Explains Its New Covert Exfil Feature, But Players Still Aren't Happy

Leaving a game early for rewards isn't what players seem to want.

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Call Of Duty Warzone Explains It's New Covert Exfil Feature

Warzone's new Covert Exfil feature isn't exactly garnering praise from Call of Duty players. The controversial new feature gives the shooter's players the ability to exfil from Battle Royale matches early by purchasing Covert Exifls from a Buy Station. The idea is to grab the also new Weapon Case feature which grants bonus rewards if you either exfil or survive. For most players, exfil will be the best option to hang on to those Weapon Case Rewards.

Warzone Developer Raven Software took to Twitter to try to clarify how the new Cover Exfils work.

"Successfully extracting via Covert Exfil does not count as a traditional win - rather as a separate stat - and will not count towards Champion's Quest progress," the Tweet explains.

Replies to the post show that fans still aren't buying it, however.

Will the Warzone devs listen? Doubtful. For their part, Raven Software says that more details and design intent will be shared in next week's patch notes.

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