Wargaming’s second foray into WWII-style combat simulators, World of Warplanes, has officially entered its open beta stage, and all aspiring pilots are free to check out the intense flight-sim action. Offering 15-on-15 battles featuring planes from four nations — U.S., Germany, U.S.S.R., and Japan — World of Warplanes drew over 2.7 million players to its lengthy closed beta.

The open beta boasts a new tutorial to help rookie pilots earn their wings, as well as a real-time tactical feedback systems to help veterans hone their skills. Later stages of the open beta will see the official launch of Wargaming’s Unified Premium Account system, letting players share currency between their World of Warplanes and World of Tanks accounts.

The open beta goes live today for Russian and North American players, while those in Europe will need to wait until the 4th. Get into the action on the World of Warplanes official site!


  1. I prefer War Thunder. I don’t enjoy the “mouse-assist” version of the game. It feels too much like a point and click type of game. It looks pretty, however.

  2. Based on Reading and on memory, wargaming still hasn’t fixed the control issues, I often read comments first if I already have doubts about the game, this is what they get if they rush produce games.

    Thanks for the insight guys, I guess Warthunder then!

    • Well, Wargaming did make controlls less horrible than before but it’s still far from being enjoyable. They didn’t rush this game, they’ve actually delayed it’s release for one year. And during that year the game have seen a few major overhauls in graphics, flight model and controlls departments. I suppose they decided that any more delay is going to hurt them more than help them. Only time will tell if it was a good decision.

  3. I played both games and both are amazing, but the planes from WOWP feels so heavy and dull, i’d rather to play WT.

  4. I remember once I saw one of videos of their developers’ diaries and one of devs said that they working on the game in such way that the players will fight their oppenents, not the planes. I call bulls**t on this one. maybe now that WoWP is OB it will change but I have no intentions that check that out as I don’t plan to come back to this game.

    • Well, you won’t be fighting your plane in WoWP, you’ll be fighting controlls most of the time which is arguably worse. Nevertheless I’m pretty confident that they’ll get everything right. Eventually…

  5. I was also in CBT and I got to say, this game sucks. Well not that bad, but the control is so bad; I rather stick with War Thunder.

  6. Does not hold a candle to War Thunder, gold ammo and a pay to win balance model makes for bad aerial combat.

    • Sure controls in World of Warplanes are still wacky compared to War Thunder (mainly it’s because of their anty cheat system). But pay to win? x1.5 boost to experience and money and a few premium planes which give further boost to money but are generally not as strong as other planes of same tier is pay to win? Don’t be ridiculous.

    • WarGaming is/has gotten rid of Gold Rounds in their games, so the P2W model is gone from the games. As for premium planes both WoWP and WT have premium planes, but they aren’t more powerful then their free counterpart.

  7. I was in CBT and didn’t like it. WoT was nice, but WOWP is kinda lame. Maybe that’s because I’ve tried War Thunder and was so excited about it….Dunno. Just my opinion. GL every1.


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