You Can Now Change Your Race In The Lord of the Rings Online


When the rune-keeper class was introduced to The Lord of the Rings Online back in 2008, I remember there being much hand-wringing and anguish from players who thought it violated official Tolkien lore. “You can’t have people running around shooting lightning bolts in Middle-earth!” they said. “Especially dwarves!”

If any of those players are still around, they’re going to be apoplectic at today’s news, as Standing Stone Games now gives LotRO players the option to change their race. Merely purchase a Character Race Change Token from the store for 2,495 LotRO Points and you’ll be able to change your character’s race from an option on the login screen, which takes you to the character creator where you can create the new you. While you’re at it, you can also swap your gender and place of origin.

Some restrictions apply. You can’t change your class, so you’ll be limited to races that allow your class. You’ll also lose any racial traits you’ve picked up but you can acquire them for your new race through the usual means. On the bright side, if you’ve got a dwarf rune-keeper and think he’s not lore-appropriate, you can make him an elf now.


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