Starting Wednesday, July 8, Gazillion Entertainment will give you the opportunity to win… well, not quite a gazillion dollars, but how does five grand sound?

As part of the Marvel Heroes 2015 $25,000 Giveaway, players of the game will have the chance to obtain one of five incredibly rare Vibranium Tickets as in-game drops, each worth a Hulk-sized $5,000 that can be redeemed by contacting Gazillion. In addition, anyone who wins before July 10 will be congratulated publicly at Gazillion’s San Diego Comic-Con panel at 6:00 p.m. PDT that day.

Full rules for the giveaway can be found here. The tickets will be dropped in the game between July 8 and Aug. 31. With this kind of cash on the line, I’d hate to be the guy in charge of keeping the servers running…

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    • Did you skim through what he wrote?

      add that when you enter the official website, there is also a hyperlink in his mini article.

  1. One of the most boring and repetitive games ever made hid behind superhero costumes.
    Wouldnt even do it for 50,000 $ prize.

  2. Yeah would be fun lil’ prize.. but there is a significant problem – you need to realize what does “incredibly rare” in this particular game mean… and lemme tell you it’s not pretty at all.

  3. When I saw this I became so happy, I jumped up! I play Marvel Heroes 2015 since the day it came out(June 4, 2013), the morning I woke up, I sat in front of my PC directly opened my browser and went to the official website of Marvel Heroes. Downloaded the game and I play it ever since.
    That’s when I realized this is something I can win! I’ve played so much, I know almost everything about this game, why not give it a try! After that I went to see the conditions to participate in this.giveaway on the Marvel Heroes 2015 official website. I was more than disappointed to see that the only countries that are eligible to participate are the United States, Canada, Germany, France, the United Kingdom and Australia.. I don’t understand why not give a chance to Europe and not just the listed countries? What’s the difference?


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