Hey it’s June 4th, exactly one month until America’s Independence Day where we stuff our mouths with hot dogs while we watch fireworks from a comfortable lawn chair. It’s tradition, and what better way to celebrate an upcoming tradition then by lighting off some of your own high-grade explosives starting today in Trion’s newly Free-to-Play MMOTPS Defiance.

The Sci-themed shooter is now available to all PC players (Xbox 360 and PS3 players get it for free on July 15th) and is meant to coincide with Defiance’s Season Two television premiere on the SyFy channel slated for June 19th. For those of you that forgot, Defiance has a t.v. show loosely based around the events within the MMO and the two are said to influence each other.

In celebration of Defiance’s switch to F2P, Trion has released a new NSFW (now safe for wallets) trailer which is filled with bombastic action and an abundance of one liner cliches you’d expect in a SyFy original series.

Those who previously purchased Defiance can expect to be showered in goodies through the game’s Paradise Patron system which rewards players with 30 days of daily garb grabs, experience increases, additional resources and a cash shop discount.

Players who aren’t afraid of a little extra-terrestrial bug juice or mutant corporate mongers can sign up and download the game through the official site now.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. “……… where we stuff our mouths with hot dogs……”
    The giggity is strong with this one.

    I’m sorry for the dirty joke,

  2. This game does have AI bugs, but the GM’s are quite active in my opinion. I had an enemy stuck inside a small bridge with force fields and he was the last one to be defeated. The GM swarned the small hall with bombs and blew him the hell up LMFAO. Continued my mission peacefully. This was yesterday from this post.

    • In-game bug report, resolved in a little over 1 minute. Enemy had to be defeated in order to progress further in my current main mission.

      • I remember having a lot of fun with this game back in beta. And yeah, the GMs were active even then. Don’t know why so many people hate this game. It’s like Neverwinter. People just hate it.


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