Capcom in conjunction with Tencent, has announced their intentions to publish an MMO based on Capcom’s extremely popular Monster Hunter franchise. The announcement came earlier today at a conference held in Beijing.

The MMO is powered by Crytek’s CryEngine 3, the same engine used to power Warface and Farcry 3 and is set to begin beta testing in June. Unfortunately the MMO will only be published -for now- in China with no official word on whether it will make it to the western market.

The MMO is said to “reproduce the screen style, combat feel, mission modes and classic monster boss battles” found in other Monster Hunter titles. A user by the name of Doppelgangerf detailed more features on the PC Gamer forums including; drivable vehicles on both land and water (which you can see at the end of the trailer), destructible environments which can then be used by a monster as a weapon against the hunters, time and weather affecting the in-game world and persistent visible damage to monsters (weapons leave scars and body parts break off).

You can read his full post here.

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  1. This is such a tease, I hope it comes out here. First PSO2 gets delayed indefinitely then another capcom mh mmo tease.

  2. This probably won’t be released outside of Japan for at least 5 years after release. They still never translated or published the original Monster Hunter online from 2007…

  3. Capcom should know that they would get A SH`IT TON more players if they release this on the west. Im desperate on this game, I went to japan learned Japanese, bought a psp, bought every monster hunter game, fly back to Canada then play it all.

    I also bought the games in the nintendo wii/ wii U, the ones in the 3ds, but i havent bought the iphone versions. and the xbox 360 version of frontier.

  4. We’ll never see this in the US we have to accept it, and if we ever get it, it would be years from now, so, for now play other MMOS such as TERA online (great graphics, combat system, and it’s a little bit like monster hunter hunter in terms of gameplay).

  5. Well.. we did have a Monster Hunter MMO for the west (MHF clone)..
    but they closed down in january..
    Was quite boring since you got to the lvl cap quite easily,
    and farming wasnt all that hard in a good group.

    Hope that a original will be way better.

  6. I have a feeling it won’t come to the West, and only to those regions that got Monster Hunter Frontier originally (so Japan, China and I think Korea as well). But…I could be wrong.

    • Sooo…? lol would you rather have the graphics of some of our current MMO’s that crappy as hell or an affordable game engine that can be implemented to make your f2p game look freaking awesome. You choose!

  7. Still waiting for the actual English release announcement… since last time when MH frontier online was announced… I was overly excited only to find out they never had the intention to port it to English at all… and many fan-patches were incomplete or hard to play.

    • Yeah too bad Hunter Blade is a pile of crap, so it has no one beat, especially since it was a rip off of Monster Hunter to begin with.

    • Take a look at Hunter Blade.. Now take a look at MHO. So do you think being first = win? Hunter Blade played like unpolished crap.

      • I never implied it was a better game so you can jam that aggression up your excrement disposal chute. However from a business standpoint it indeed has Monster Hunter beat especially since there is no alternative on the PC platform in the west and there won’t be for a while.

        • Except that Hunter Blade was such a terrible game that even in being the only Monster Hunter-esque game here it failed horrible and shut its doors. The game isn’t online anymore last I checked and seeing as how the website isn’t pulling up for it i’d go with that is still the case. So from a business standpoint they aren’t anything anymore.

  8. so assuming it goes to china i doubt itll come here we were screwed out of frontier i mean I will hope it does. But capcoms patterns for releasing a legit online playable monster hunter game has been a pain.


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