Today’s been an interesting day for news all around, what with acquisitions and even more acquisitions. But now, we have news that is — unfortunately — on the ‘big bummer’ end of the spectrum. NCSoft announced the closure of Carbine Studios today, adding that they will also begin the process of “Winding WildStar down to ultimately shutter the game.” The official statement, given to Kotaku just a bit ago, follows statements from sources who where there when Carbine staff were informed of the decision earlier today. The shutdown can result in about fifty people losing their jobs, although NCSoft has stated they are working to shift as many affected employees into other roles as they can. Here’s hoping everyone lands on their feet.

As for how this will affect players, NCSoft has promised refunds to players who spent money in the game between July 1, 2018 and whenever the payment system is shutoff. WildStar hasn’t been doing particularly well for a while now, but what players it did have were loyal. So this is a bummer all the way around.

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  1. Amazing game that suffered from the bandwagon effect. There were problems but they were small. The game delivered what it promised and ppl wanted challenge and when they got the challenge theyt asked for they soon started crying when everything wasn’t handed on a silver platter. The failure of this game tells a lot about todays gamers.. All fun and no work and they still manage to feel entitled for something…

    • Do you play games to work or relax? Challenging content wasn’t the reason the game failed at all, the engine is complete ass and has horrible performance, game is incredibly generic theme park, and combat sucks with the amount of indicator spam cluttering the whole screen. It was a soulless game rushed through the development expecting to do well.

  2. What I’m wondering is…. Why they list just about every title with “appeared first on when a simple google search will show that other gaming sites listed it hours before…

  3. thats sad…really all that work gone…if they have made it more player friendly..less hardcore raiders..things would have been different…

    • Did you even played the game? it was as player friendly as it could get with the extreme and dedicated housing, solid pvp and fair raids all day, please play a game before spitting salty saliva.


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